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Well, here we are. Another year, another summer. I haven't actualy writen a journal in a while so I'm not sure how to go about doing this (and honestly, does anyone really read these?). A quick update on life?

I have a job now that consumes much of my time, Batman and comic books in general have consumed my life. I'm team Rowlet, I was also team Cap, I did not bother seeing Batman v Superman but Civil War was amazing, and I am writing too many stories at once.

I have a few new fics in the works right now. The first is Heroes War which is a follow up to Dimentions Crash and takes place a few years after those events. This time it's on Earth-16 and the plot revolves around Cadmus and General Eiling trying to create super solders that could combat the Justice League and the kidnaping of a known talon sets off a war that will leave you wondering which side is right, a government that wants to protect its people from an unchecked threat or the Justice League who wants to protect their own. People on both sides question their objectives and what it really means to be only human.

The next is Young Titans that could just end up replacing Heroes War as the next instalment of those adventures and takes place in the Teen Titans univerce and deals with Flash (Wally West), Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin (Damian Wayne) tracking down Warp after he stole a quantum generator. The story delves into the years after the events of Dimentions Crash and Dick's darker side that was brought out by the talons and the Court. It's flashback heavy and esentualy has two plot lines (one in the past that is mostly fractured and leaves you implying most of it and one in the presest that is much easier to keep track of) both deal with a lot of emotions. New enemies from all over the multiverce crop up and an evil double works with Slade to take down the Titans and take control of the multiverce. Which lines are Dick willing to cross to save a world that's not his own and how far is he willing to go to keep the talon serum out of the wrong hands?

Next is Wrath of Scorn and is its own stand alone fic. It deals with Andy Mallory (Scorn) vowing revange on Robin, now Nightwing, after his brother Will (Wrath) dies from joker venom when Batman and Robin failed to save him after the two villians descovered the Dynamic Duo's secret identites and thretened to tell all of Arkham after a failed assault on the Batcave. Wanting to distroy Grayson before finally finishing him it's now a fight against an evil counterpart and childhood friend to not only protect his family that Scorn wishes to distroy but also keep Gotham from tearing itself apart. Enemies become allies and allies become questionable in the battle of the two ex-sidekicks. 

Last one is a 1920's AU that I've been toying with called The Stars Across. Dick Grayson is former circus acrobat trying to win the heart of socalite Barbara Gordon. There's just one problum. She's rich. He's poor. He does have a few things going for him though, she thinks he's cute and he was the ward of Bruce Wayne and thus, techinicly, the hare to the Wayne fortune but with far richer and far more good looking men after her Dick has his work cut out for him if he's going to even get the time of day from the commisioner's daughter. Luckally, or unluckally, he has Wally, Donna, Jason, and Tim to help him out.

I'm not sure which of those I want to finish first and each are long, multi chapter adventures (though I do have some oneshots in the works as well). Some are further along than others and just need to be edited and reread to get all the bugs out of it and others are still just in first draft. Which do you want to see first? Do you have any requests?
Wally didn’t know what was happening. He was asleep and awake all at once, flying yet falling, moving faster than light yet also standing still. He was in a haze, a place where there was no time, no space, just existence. The Speed Force he realized but couldn’t bring himself to care. He felt free. So very Free. There were so many colors here. Colors he never knew existed. A red the same shade as Connor’s rage, yellow like Megan’s cheer, purple like Zatanna’s magic, a shade of seafoam that could only be described as Kaldur, a forest green that was Arty’s soul. The fiery orange was definitely Roy. Both of them. They were all so bright and beautiful, all alive and passionate, save for one. A dark, murky, grayish, blue. It came into the mix with slow tricks here and there but slowly grew into a constant streak in the mix of bright life, like a sickness or decay. It was a sad and pathetic color that might have once been the brightest blue you had ever seen but through years of use and neglect had dulled, chipped, and cracked until it was an ugly grimy mess that no one wanted. Wally wanted that color to go away, to leave him so he could enjoy all the other colors but it persisted. It weaseled its way into the color scheme and refused to leave, clawing its way into the stream and not letting go, not until it was seen for the bright blue it once was. It was Dick Wally realized. That sad, broken, neglected blue was his sad, broken, neglected friend. His best friend… or ex-best friend as it were.

When was the last time he had a civil conversation with him that didn’t end with him yelling hate and frustration at be ebony haired boy? When was the last time he had seen the young bat out of uniform? When was the last time they had just hung out and watched those stupid B rated movies and those old horror flicks that were just hilarious by today’s standards? When was the last time Dick told him he sucked at Skyrim? When was the last time the younger crashed on his and Arty’s couch, purposefully cockblocking him by showing up unannounced because he felt like being a dick, when was the last time they were brothers? How had dick become so torn and dark and abused? When had he dulled into an unrecognizable funk of a color? Why had Wally let it happen?

The more Wally looked at that color the more Wally could see his friend. He saw his pain, his suffering, his self-loathing. Why was that last one there? Why was any of that there? They won the battle didn’t they? He saved the Earth, so why did he hate himself so much? Wally needed the answers, needed to know why, he needed to see if there was any of the bright baby blue left but it was fading. The streak of darkness in the sea of rainbow was shrinking, flicking out of existence until there was no trace of it left. Wally’s heart filled with dread. Where did he go? Why did he leave? What were those new flicks of color that replaced him? The blood red and the lime green? God, he didn’t want to know. He wanted that imperfect blue back in the view but it refused to come back.

That’s when the pain shot up Wally’s spine and everything when white and he could smell something burning and feel the frost on his skin. All he saw was white with blurry, fuzzy shapes of people around him, looking down at him, saying how they were so relieved he was okay, glad that it worked, that he was alive. He didn’t hear most of it. He was too focused on the small speck of black in the distance. The one the other shapes and forms didn’t notice. The one that was staring right at him.


It took a month for him to recover from his trip to the speed force. Apparently Batman had found a way to yank him out and for that he was eternally grateful but Bruce would only just glare at him like he had done something wrong, like Wally was missing the point. Everyone had come to visit him. Bart wouldn’t let go of him for the first week, Arty was always by his side, Megan had made him edible cookies, Jamie kept apologizing for the whole Reach thing, and Barry gave him the biggest bear hug in the world. Then one day, the day he was going to be let out of the hospital, Tim and Barbara came to him.

“Find him. Please, you have to find him. You’re the only one who can,” Tim begged.

“He dropped of the face of the Earth right after you… ceased. He’d leave little hints every now and then, just so Bruce could know he’s alive, but that’s it. Me, Tim, Bruce, Salina, Donna, Kaldur, Roy, hell, even Jade joined the manhunt but it’s no good. He’s gone. We want him home. He brought you back from the Speed Force now it’s your turn to return the favor,” Barbara said.

So they told him. They told him how distant the once social butterfly had become, how he never smiled anymore, how when he did show up at the manor he would work tirelessly on a way to bring Wally home, how he didn’t dare stick around to see his plan work.

“He was there,” Wally breathed.

“What?” Barbara was confused.

“He was there,” Wally said again, “I couldn’t see much when I was ripped out but I could see him, watching in the distance. I didn’t get a good look but… I just know it was him… and… and I think I know where he’s hiding out,”

“You do,” Tim sounded so hopeful, like Wally had just told him his greatest dream had come true.

Wally nodded because of course he knew where Dick was. Dick was his brother as well and even though they haven’t spoken in so long he always knew what the bat was thinking and where all his favorite hiding spots were. So the next day he took off, not even bothering to take the zeta tubes. He ran, faster than he had ever gone before with so much ease it was surprising to him, all the way to the one spot he knew he could find his old friend. Romania. His homeland.


Dick sat on the soft sands of the small private beach dressed in black swim trunks, staring blankly at the rolling waves in front of him. For the past three months this beach and the small house on the cliffs behind him was his sanctuary away from all the pain he caused, away from the people that hated him. He wondered how his old team was doing. How Wally was doing. He and Artemis were together again, back in happy retirement. They’ll probably get married now. Before Wally would always entertain the idea but wanted to get out of college before making any commitment like that. He had always said Dick was going to be his best man and that is was non-negotiable. Now though… well, it’s probably going to be Roy now. Dick no longer had the rights to it. He was Wally’s worst enemy now, not his best friend. He lost that prestigious title the night he knocked on Wally’s apartment door asking for Artemis’s help. He lost a lot of things because of that. His team, his friends, his home away from home, the right to call himself a hero. He was no hero. Yes, he had stopped the invasion but he wasn’t a hero. Wally was, right to the end of it. Wally was the real hero of all of that, not him. He was the bad guy, not the enemy or a villain but definitely an antagonist in the whole situation.

He felt horrible for what he did but he didn’t really have a choice. He was in over his head. He didn’t know what to do. Nightwing couldn’t win this… but Batman could. Batman always knew what to do. He had an answer for everything, always had a plan. So he became Batman. He hated it. It sucked but it needed to be done. In the end he wasn’t Batman at all. Batman would never lose control of a situation like he did. He wouldn’t have just started winging it half way through. He wouldn’t have used lies to cover up more lies and then even more lies to cover those. He had failed right from the start and it was Wally that payed the price for it. Wally, his best friend, that made the ultimate sacrifice. Yes he wasn’t really dead and yes Dick had found a way to save him but that changed nothing. Dick had killed Wally. He murdered his best friend. He had no right to keep wearing the mask, no right to stand amongst his peers in the Watchtower. He wasn’t even sure he still had the right to stand in the Batcave. So he took a ‘leave of absence’. What a load of crap that was. He quit. He gave up. He wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t a hero at all.

He was too engrossed in self pity to notice the streak of lightning coming to a halt at the top of the cliff behind him, or the mop of red hair that was making its way down the steps of the cliff face and down the beach towards him. He didn’t notice a presents behind him until an all too familiar voice that now made him tense and send a cold shiver down his spine spoke up.

“So, this is what you’ve been doing for the psat three months? Sitting on the beach of self pity,” Wally asked as he sat down next to him.

Dick didn’t speak a word. Not like he really could anyway. His voice would no doubt be rough and hoarse from months of not being used. So he just sat there, arms wrapped around his legs and chin resting on his knees, watching as a pod of dolphins passed.

“Barbara told me you quit the hero business after my… ceasing. God that sounds so weird to say,” Wally continued, “I wasn’t dead though, just in the Speed Force, though I’m sure you already knew that,”

Dick tensed at that and seeing this Wally continued, “It wasn’t Bruce that found a way to bring me back, it was you. I know it was you, and I know you’ve been avoiding everyone since that day in the arctic. Why?”

Still silence.

“You saved the world Dick. The team was honored as heroes. They work in the Watchtower with the Justice League now. Why aren't you up there with them?”



“... It’s all my fault…” Dick’s voice was so low and so rough and sounded so foreign it surprised Wally, “... It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, all my fault… I killed you,”

Okay, hold on, “You didn’t kill me Dick. I’m right here. If anything you saved me,” Wally said.

“I killed you! I put everyone in danger and then I killed you!” Dick snapped, his voice breaking half way through.

Wally was startled to say the least. He didn’t know how to respond to that. He… Dick really has convinced himself he had killed the speedster hasn’t he?

Wally put a timid hand on his friend’s shoulder, “I’m right here Dick. I’m alive,”

Silence again.

“Dick, come on,” Wally pleaded.

“Why are you even here Wally?” Dick sighed.

“Because you dropped off the face of the Earth and no one can find you. Seriously, Bruce has too much pride to admit it but he has no idea where you are. Even has Chesher in on the manhunt. At this point I think we can all agree you win the hide and seek championships,” Wally gave a fake smile, “Now get up. Stop moping around and get back in the game,”

Dick stole a tear filled glance at his once best friend but quickly averted his eyes, “Go home Wally. Go back to Artemis. Go be happy,”

“Nope,” Wally said popping the ‘p’, “Not going to happen, not until you’re right there happy too. You’re stuck with me here until you get over your stupid depression and agree to go home so you can be stuck with me there too,”

Wally had his arm slung around Dick’s shoulder at this point. Dick dared to glance at Wally again and was rewarded with the brightest smile on the planet. He didn’t understand. Wally was supposed to hate him. He was supposed to go home and forget about him, let him suffer alone like he wanted. Why did he care? His eyes must have asked the question because Wally was answering.

“You’re my best friend Dick. My best friend. Yeah you did some shitty things but you didn’t have much of a choice. You did nothing wrong. If anything it’s my fault for not being there to support you when you needed me the most. If anyone is to blame for the shit storm that the invation turned into it’s me,” Wally said honestly.

“How can you even say that? I was the one doing all the lying. I was the one manipulating all of our friends like pawns on a chessboard. Not you. I fucked up and you payed the price for it. How can you even stand to look at me?” The tears were free falling at this point but Dick couldn’t find it in himself to care.

“Okay, then we’re both to blame,” Wally compromised, “Now let’s go and blame ourselves inside while watching Birdemic subsequently followed by Portal 2 where we will spend the next three hour’s wanting to kill each other,”

Dick looked at Wally as if he had grown a second head, genuinely not understanding why Wally was even bothering with him. He had spent the last year ruining the redhead’s life. Shouldn’t that garner some sort of consequence? A want for revenge? Some sort of punishment, anything really. But no, Wally was acting like it was the good old days. Where Wally would scape Dick off the ground and they would go and do stupid things because they were stupid teenagers. The past year couldn’t all just be water under the bridge. Wally was so angry with him last time the spoke that he didn’t even care that Dick had almost died in the massive explosion at Mount Justice. He didn’t care that him tossing Dick around had reopened some wounds. He didn’t care about Dick at all. He just wanted Artemis back. Well he had her back now, so why the hell was he here in Romania on some solitary beach?

He went along with it half heartedly of course. Giving Wally the facade that his presence was actually starting to make him feel better, biding his time for Wally to drop his guard so he could sneak off again. Maybe somewhere less predictable like Jump City or New York. That’s how it was for the first four hours until, as Wally predicted, Dick was so fed up with Wally shooting a portal in the wrong place that he had genuinely forgotten why he had run off to his homeland to begin with.

“No you idiot! Left!” He yelled at the redhead.

“My left or your left?”

“We’re facing the same direction, just left,”


“No, you-” Dick let out a frustrated sigh, “You’re shitting me right? Are you actually shitting me? You have got to be pulling my leg on this. There is no way you suck this much,”

“Stop yelling at me! I don’t know what you want me to do!” Wally yelled back at him as he shot yet another portal in the wrong spot.

“That’s it. I quit. If we keep this up I’m going to end up murdering you,” Dick put his controller down.

“Nah, you won’t. If I died you’d just feel awkward for the rest of time,” Wally started putting his controller down as well, “Might as well just kill us both,”

Dick nodded to that. It was true. Even when they weren’t, they were joined at the hip. Artemis often joking that her and Wally’s relationship was nothing compared to the relationship he had with the young billionaire, often joking that the two of them were soulmates. The amount of times Dick had pulled out his phone to call or text Wally about some crazy, random thing the kids on the team did or some crazy, weird thing he had seen on patrol in the past year had reached the thousands. Even in his self imposed exile, with Wally ‘dead’ he had caught himself taking out his phone and writing half a text to the redhead about a crab kicking a seagull’s ass or a sailboat going by that was Flash colors. He’d always feel hollow when he realized that, no, he couldn’t text Wally. Wally hated him. Wally was dead. Wally didn’t care that a seagull lost its tail feathers to a crustacean, he didn’t care what colors a sailboat was, he didn’t care that Dick was now terrified of owls and the very sight of one made his blood run cold. It was awkward without Wally and he always felt lost when he realized his friend wasn’t there. They used to plan their schedules around each other, even convincing Bruce to go out on patrol with Dick an hour later than normal some nights just so they could squeeze in that extra bro time. It was Dick and Wally, Robin and Kid Flash till the end. That was their promise. Where one went, the other followed.

They went into town the next day. It was the first time Wally had ever been in Romania and only knew small bits of Romanian so Dick took the reins of their little adventure. They spent the whole day exploring the city and Wally got a good laugh at how Dick had regained his Romanian accent halfway through the day, knowing full well it wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. Dick blushed crimson at this. Last time he had started to regain his accent was when they did that undercover ‘mission’ at Haly’s circus. He had to actively force himself to speak in an american accent for months afterwards. Day three was a hike where Dick spent the whole day telling Wally about all the little things he had wanted to tell him the year they spent as enemies (he kept a list saved in a notes page on his phone). By the time the week was coming to a close Wally had broken Dick’s resolve and had convinced him to come home. Not back to the team that no doubt still hated him, but back to Gotham where the people that did love him were worrying themselves to death.

Tim was the first to see him when he returned to Gotham. He had come unannounced, standing at the gates of Gotham Academy as school let out. He got a lot of stares from the students that passed him by, particularly from the females that were no doubt wondering who the dark and mysterious stranger with the sun kissed skin was. Tim didn’t recognize him at first, understandable since he was as pale as a ghost the last time his baby brother saw him but naturally he was suspicious as to why there was some random person standing outside the gates of Gotham’s most prestigious school. He was Batman’s kid after all. It was when Dick finally spoke that it became clear just who he was.

“Hei, putin prihor,” Dick spoke softly, his accent thick in his voice and tired eyes gleaming with happiness at seeing his brother for the first time in months.

It was at this point that Tim dropped everything and the students of Gotham Academy were treated to the spectacle of the normally shy, calm, and collected Tim Drake-Wayne leap into Dick’s arms and tackle him in a bone crushing hug, tears of pure joy in his eyes, “You came back!” He cried out.

“You’re okay,” Tim buried his face into the acrobat’s chest and sobbed.

“I’m okay. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere,” Dick held the fourteen year-old close, running a hand through the younger’s hair comfortingly, “Shh, It’s okay. It’s okay fratior. I’m right here,”

“I-I thought- I thought you- that you,” Tim choked.

“Hey, hey,” Dick drew back from the hug to look his brother in they eyes, “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere ever again. Never again, alright,”

Tim nodded vigorously and Dick drew him back into the hug. It was at this point Alfred had stept out of the car to see what all of the commotion was about and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Dick. Dick smiled sheepishly at the elder man who now had the smallest of tears in his eyes. He was home. He was finally home.

Bruce was the third to see him. Apparently he was the most worried out of all of them. Understandable seeing as his only visit home in the last four months ended with him getting the hell out of Dodge and Batman with a new enemy. The Court of Owls. It was Dick that tackled him in a bear hug but the older man gladly accepted it so yay, progress! Alfred made a feast that night and on patrol there were three bats protecting the night instead of two. When he got back to his old room, all tired and sweaty, it was like nothing had changed. The Flying Graysons poster was still on his wall, Peanut was still up on his shelf with Dick’s Totoro and bat plushies, Textbooks and incomplete homework still laying on his desk along with a manilla envelope he’s never seen before. Curious, he opened it and was in absolute shock at what he had found inside. Adoption papers. His adoption papers. His SIGNED adoption papers, dated with the year 2010. Six years. He had technically been Richard Wayne for six years. He laughed at that. Leave it to Bruce to conveniently forget to tell him that. Didn’t the man say something about not wanting to replace his father when he first came to the manor? Lying bastard. On his way to his room Bruce was tackled again with a bear hug and Wally received a new text at three AM.

‘Dude, guess what! I’m adopted!’

‘U Drunk?’

The next day Barbara and Salina found out he was back in town, both responding to the news in their own way. Barbara kicked his ass for making everyone worry so much. He took the beating because he really did deserve it. Salina hugged him tightly and then began checking him for any injuries like the momma cat she tried to pretend she wasn’t. Honestly she was more overprotective than Bruce and he’s Bruce.

Slowly but surely the world was beginning to learn of his return, both as Nightwing and as Dick Grayson who had been ‘traveling’ for the past four months. The rogues of Gotham were quick to realize the first Robin’s return and the common crooks spent that much more time looking over their shoulders. The last to find out was his former team. The people that hated him the most. It wasn’t planed. To be honest he would have liked to avoid them longer if he could, give them time to cool down, but they were in trouble and needed help. He wasn’t going to turn his back on them. The team, his team, was still family and family is everything to a bat.

They were just outside of Keystone at an old steel mill. The place was up in flames. It had been a trap. Garfield was trapped inside, unable to escape because of the flames. That’s the thing with acquiring Martian powers, you acquire their weaknesses too.

“Beast Boy!” M’gann cried out from outside the burning building, Connor having to hold her back from rushing in and getting herself killed.

Kaldur was trying his best to put out flames but he could only do so much. Tim was nursing his own wounds so couldn’t be much help and L’gann was in much the same boat as M’gann in terms of helpfulness in this situation and Cassie didn’t know what to do. If only they had brought Blue Beetle or Kid Flash or Zatanna. Someone who stood a chance in those flames. Connor’s super hearing then picked up the sound of footsteps running in their direction fast. Another attacker?

A dark figure, moving too fast for him to make out, was dashing towards the burning steel mill from an adjacent rooftop, launching itself into the burning building and crashing through one of the windows. Batman? He’s saved their hides on more than one occasion in the past. He didn’t have time to dwell on it because seconds later there was an explosion. Half the building was reduced to rubble and everyone looked on in horror. Then from the flames the dark figure emerged again, an injured and heat exhausted but otherwise unharmed changeling in his arms. Relief quickly washed into shock though as they saw just who it was that saved their teammate’s life. Nightwing has returned.

He made his way to Connor, ignoring the stares and glares he received and gently placed the smaller boy in the Kryptonian’s arms, careful not to disturb his injuries. Connor, M’gann, and Kaldur could do little else than stare at him in shock as he informed them that Garfield would need immediate medical attention when they got back to the Watchtower. The only acknowledgment he gave them were quick glances as he contacted Batman to inform him what happened. When he was done he went over to Robin and began surveying his injuries.

“You alright baby bird?” He asked softly, barely above a whisper.

“I’m okay,” Tim was blushing, “Please don’t call me that…”

Why did Dick insist on giving him these nicknames? He was fine with it when it was just them but, damnit, not in front of the team. Kon had super hearing!

“Does it annoy you?” Nightwing asked.

“Yes,” Tim declared.

“Well in that case I’ll have to use it more often. Then I’ll get Batgirl in on it and Catwoman then Troia and maybe Harley too,” Nightwing lightly teased, a small ghost of a smirk on his face.

“Please don’t. The fact that you and Harley Quinn are friends now is bad enough. I don’t need her giving me pet names,” Tim shuttered at the idea of Harley Quinn being anywhere near him. She may be reformed now and living ‘peacefully’ in New York but she was still Harley Quinn.

Nightwing simply chuckled and ruffled his little brother’s hair much to the younger’s protest. Their little brotherly moment didn’t last long though as L’gann was quick to break it up.

“What are you doing here?” The Atlantean glared.

“Helping last I checked,” Nightwing said facing the ampfibian with an emotionless mask.

“We don’t need your help,” L’gann declared.

“Obviously,” Dick pushed past him and began walking away from the scene.

“Yeah, just walk away! That’s something you’re good at! Couldn’t even face the music for when you betrayed us! You know Wally’s back now, no thanks to you. Bet you didn’t feel bad about that seeing as you could care less about our lives during the invasion,” L’gann yelled at the bat’s departing form and Dick stopped dead in his tracks.

“L’gann!” Kaldur scolded.

“No! I’m not going to sugar coat it. He lies to our faces, betrays our trust, willingly put everyone in danger, and when it all blows up in his face he runs away. He-” L’gann began but was interrupted.

“I what?” Dick’s voice was pure venom and the glare he gave his former teammate was cold enough to freeze hell over, “What did I do outside of what was necessary? What could I have possibly done differently that wouldn’t have resulted in someone’s death? Please due tell. Dinah and I would love to know if those countless panic attacks and sleepless nights could have been prevented,”

Everyone stared wide-eyed at Nightwing’s outburst. Very few people knew of Dick’s panic attacks, the emotional breakdowns, the anti-depressants. Hell, it took Tim five months to figure out Dick was medicated and they lived together. That year had taken its toll on him, it had on everyone, but Dick had barely hung on to his sanity. By the end of it isolation was the only thing he could think of that would prevent him from breaking under all the stress. Lagoon Boy was right though, he had turned tail and run but not for the reasons the thought. Dick was broken and he didn’t want to take anyone down with him. It wasn’t until Wally’s visit that he was able to put back all the pieces and move on. Besides, he now had bigger, owl shaped fish to fry. Emotions could take a backseat for now but dammit he wasn’t going to be accused of being heartless and cruel by some freshman guppie.

“Richard,” M’gann breathed, tears making her eyes sparkle.

Dick felt arms wrap around him and looked down to see Tim hugging him, face burrowed in his chest. Dick covered one one of Tim’s hands with his own. He hadn’t even noticed he had begun to cry until his throat tightened and it became hard to swallow a breath. Damn, he lost it in front of everyone. So not aster.

“I won’t ask for forgiveness, frankly I haven’t earned it. Don’t think I ever will. And I won’t ask to be back on the team, I don’t have a place there anymore. That doesn’t mean I won’t protect you though,” Dick ran a hand through Tim’s hair, “Whenever you need me. I’ll be there in a heartbeat, no questions asked,”


A month later Dick was called to the mountain. After a vote amongst the team members it was decided that the League and the covert-ops team should be kept separate. After the destruction of the first mountain it became clear that a backup base of operations was clearly needed in case of an attack. They were lucky enough to have Nightwing’s wearhouse then. Now however…

“Alright, what’s the emergency?” Nightwing asked after he materialized in the still under construction Mount Justice.

“Nice accent Count Dracula. You stay somewhere exotic on your three month vacation? You used to be paler than a ghost,” Karen said jokingly, taking note of his now honey gold skintone.

Nightwing blushed and nervously rubbed the back of his head, “I, uh, went back to my home country. The, umm, accent tends to stay a while. So, what’s the mission?”

“We were hoping you’d tell us, boss,” Virgil said.

“‘Boss’?” Nightwing was confused by that. He left the team when Virgil joined.

“Well you are our leader,” Cassie said, “What’d you expect us to call you?”

Dick turned to Kaldur for an explanation, “The team got together to discuss the actions and measures you when to over the past year to insure our victory over the Light and the Reach,”

“And we had a vote,” Tim continued.

“We want you back on the team,” M’gann smiled.

“Yay!” Garfield cheered.

Dick looked at all of them, surveying them for any sign of reluctance or displeasure. There was none. They all genuinely wanted him back.

“I… I don’t know what to say. Are you sure? I don’t want you guys accepting be back purely out of obligation,” Dick said, “I know what I did was wrong and I know what I did hurt, traumatized, a lot of you… and I know that is not easily forgiven. Hell, I wouldn’t even forgive myself. I-”

“Oh my god, stop it with the being melodramatic,” Barbara said, “You’re sorry. We get it. Now shut up,”

Dick was a bit taken aback by her outburst but this was Barbara and she has been dealing with him and his drama longer than anyone in the room. Best not to anger or test her. Ever.

“Yes ma’am,” Dick replied and shut his mouth.

The other team members got a good laugh out of that. He was okay with that though. He had accepted long ago that Babs had him wrapped around her finger and that she held all the power in their relationship. Even when he was Robin and she was just Barbara Gordon and Batgirl was but a distant dream. Just like Alfred, her word was law. And she was scary. Very scary.

“So, seeing as you’re the League’s favorite, that must mean you know about all the cool missions,” Bart said, “Anything cool happening that needs some Young Justice action?”

“‘Young Justice’? Bart, this team doesn’t have a name,” Dick told him.

“I know! And it is so mode. So I’ve decided to give us a totally crash name,” Bart said proudly, “Teen Titans was my first idea but that was immediately out seeing as half the team in in college, Junior Justice League makes us sound like Cub Scouts, and Legion of Superheros doesn't sound right so Young Justice it is. It makes sense if you think about it. We’re all younger versions of our mentors, right?”

“Wow, you actually put thought into that,” Tim commented earning an annoyed huff from the speedster.

“Young Justice?” Jaime tried the name out, “I can rally behind that,”

“Sounds good to me,” Virgil said.

“Beats ‘those kids Batman babysits’” Connor commented.

Dick snorted at that, “Batman babysitting. Ha, sorry but that image just cracks me up,”

“Mission! Mission! Do we have a mission?” Bart prosisted.

Dick gave it a moment of thought and opened up a holo-screen with a wave of his hand, “Well, I’ll have to run it by the League but there is something. We suspect the US Military has been running illegal experimentation on metahumans. We need proof,”

That day you could have sworn the sky overhead was the brightest blue you’d ever seen.
Coming Back Around
Another Young Justice story that focuses on the sad, sad world of Nightwing. For some reason I just love beating him up and torturing him.

This is kind of a prequile to Dimentions Crash and goes into detail on what happened between the seven month gap of the season 2 finale and the start of that story. This whole story goes over five months of that time told in (mostly) Dick's perspective. I leave out some things, mostly for future stories, like the first confrentation with the Owls, Jason's return, and Damian's grad entrince but I'll explore those soon enough. I also put some hints to the plot of a potential Dimentions Crash siqule.
Part 4: Moving Forward

July 4th
Mount Justice
13:00 PST

“Recognized Robin: B-27, Nightwing: B-01,” the student and mentor pair stepped out of the zeta tube.

After saying their goodbyes to Peter and his friends and returning to their own dimension things started moving forward for Nightwing and the team. Dick stopped hiding so much of himself from them and became more open with his true personality. He formally introduced himself as Dick Grayson to them which sparked a lot of questions. He was fine with that, though he did make clear that any new members would have to earn the right to peek under his mask. He was now almost always busy with school work, patrol, mentoring Tim and now Damian, as well as team and League stuff. He was nevertheless happy though. Happier than he has been in a long time.

With the help of M’gann he had learned to control what they referred to as “Talon Mode”. Batman had run endless tests on him. They couldn’t get rid of it, it was now a permanent part of his molecular structure, but it can be controlled. He was happy to learn that it could be turned off and on and will lots of mental training and trials he was in full control of it. It had a lot of benefits to it, heightened hearing, sharper vision, process images faster, increased strength. The drawbacks however were that he acted a bit more feral when under the serum’s influence. He became angrier, more prone to lashing out, less aware of himself. He didn’t go out on patrol as much until he learned to temper that but now he was back in action and had joined the Justice League. Still he limited the amount of time he used his talon mode, not wanting to lose it in battle and preferring to fight with his normal abilities than relying on artificial ones.

Tim had moved up too. Taking inspiration from the Vulture and using Bruce’s resources from Wayne Tech and Wayne Industries he created a new suit for himself with a glider cape that resembled a bird’s wings when activated. He was now the Red Robin. With the new opening available Damian was fitted out to be the new Robin. By frankensteining some of the old uniforms and adding on some up to date equipment, armor, and Damian’s personal style he became the new Boy Wonder. Robin was now back to the traditional red, green, and yellow color scheme with the black fabric that once made up the outside of the cape torn and fashioned into a hood. Though Batman would always technically be Robin’s mentor in the eyes of the world Nightwing was taking top spot in Damian’s training, focusing his on humility, deductive skills, and trying to teach him the competition he was seriously lacking. Things were rocky for the two at the start but now they were as efficient as the original Dynamic Duo. Jason has more or less rejoined the team as well, stopping by ever so often to take part in a mission when he was bored and was always being called in to save the kids ass’s by Nightwing when a mission went south and a squad was in over their heads. He began hanging out with Arsenal as well. Dick wasn’t so sure putting those two together was a good thing or not, God knows what kind of mayhem those two could cause. Wally and Artemis were FINALLY engaged much to everyone’s joy and Barbara and M’gann were helping with the wedding planning. All in all things were better for everyone.

“Everyone here?” Nightwing asked Aqualad as he walked up to him.

“Yes,” the Atlantean said, “Today’s the day,”

Initiation day. Today they were accepting new young heroes into their line up in a similar, albeit far more private, ceremony that the Justice League does with their new members. This was still a covert team that officially does not exist. Though the public is starting to catch on to the existence of a junior justice league all sightings of team activity is quickly covered up by the fact that most heroes are friends anyway and are known to help each other out.

“Woohoo! New members! So crash!” Bart zipped around them before running off once more.

“Why isn't Robin participating?” M’gann asked referring to the fact that Damian was made a team member a week before Independence Day.

“I don’t need some trivial formalities and speech to be accepted into the team’s ranks. I’m above that. I’m Batman’s son not some no name trying to feel like they’ve earned the right to walk this halls,” Robin huffed.

“What Little D means is he’s not exactly a team player. He’ll mostly be hanging back with me in the Cave supervising missions,” Nightwing said nervously.

Miss M nodded and the four of them made their way to a large briefing room where everyone was crowded around the large holo screens that showed various bits of data, reports, and locations blinking on a world map. In front of the team, lined up in a row, were the new members: Spoiler, Raven, Zachary Zatara, Kid Devil, Starfire, Mas and Menos, Cyborg, and Supergirl. Miss M split off to join the team while Aqualad, Nightwing, and Robin stood in front of everyone.

“Greetings and welcome to our newest members. We are honored to have you in our ranks,” Aqualad began.

“You’ve each proven yourselves on your own but now it is time to join the larger fight,” Nightwing said, “This is not the Justice League and you will not receive the recognition or luxuries they do but you are an important piece in keeping the world safe. This is your first step,”

“This is a covert team created by us, watched over by the League, led by Nightwing and myself. You will follow our orders and the instruction of your senior members and field leaders. This is a place of learning so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. We’ve all been there. You’re one of us now. Welcome to Young Justice,”

The team cheered. Nightwing stepped forward.

“Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way time to get down to business. Today may be a day of celebration but there’s still a job to do. Like the boss always says: The mission’s never over.

Superboy, Red Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl you’re Alfa. A large concrete meta has been spotted terrorizing Jump City and pulling off robberies and prison breaks for hire. Take him down and escort him to Belle Reve.

Batgirl, Raven, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Mas, and Menos you’ll be Beta. Cheshire has tipped us off on a hidden League of Shadows training operation in the himalayan mountains. Investigate and report. Have the Bio Ship on standby should you need to pull out quickly. No unnecessary risks. Robin has provided security codes used by their overseers so you should be able to slip in unnoticed. I advise taking Wolf with you.

Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Spoiler, Supergirl, and Lagoon Boy are Delta. Lobo is at it again in DC. He’s been reportedly hired to kill a Japanese diplomat. Bumblebee will be taking point on this one.

Artemis, Miss Martian, Static, Guardian, Kid Devil, Zachary, Starfire you’re Zeta. Killer Croc, Cheetah, Firefly, and Penguin have been spotted together in New York robbing jewelry stores and art museums. Aqualad will be joining you and Catwoman has agreed to assist. She’ll meet you at the rendezvous point.

You all know your missions. Good luck. I expect full reports on your missions on my desk tomorrow,” Nightwing instructed everyone.

With that they were off. It was back to business as usual. Smiling at his friend's departing forms he turned back to the holo screens and with a wave of his hand opened up a new screen.

“Alright Little D. Let me show you how to hack the Justice League. It’ll come in handy, believe me,”


Up in the Watchtower Batman watched the Cave’s security feed as Nightwing began teaching Robin how to hack, a barely noticeable smile on his face.

“You need to stop spying on your kids Bruce,” Superman said walking up behind him, a smile clear in his voice, “Some people will start to think you’re a creep,”

“Just making sure Dick’s doing alright,” Bruce said closing out of the feed.

“I was on an off planet mission with GL during all of that. Did that Talon guy really hop a whole dimension just to kidnap and convert Nightwing?”

Bruce nodded, “He did some real emotional damage. Nightwing couldn’t bring himself to look the team in the eye for a few weeks after he explained his relations to Cobb. Not to mention the effects of the experimental talon serum they administered to him when he was young had some unforeseen effects. He’s been through a lot but I thinks he’s finally allowing himself to heal,”

That was an understatement. For weeks Dick’s eyes were stuck that animalistic yellow. He was more on edge and easily angered, far more brutal in a fight that he was normally. Side effects from whatever the Owls pumped inside him when he was younger. They couldn’t get it out of him, it was bonded to his DNA at this point, so he hid himself away before he could hurt someone. With Miss Martian’s help he was able to mentally control it, learned how to activate it on will and how to control the rage that came with it. By then the damage had been done though. Dick no longer trusted himself but that didn’t mean Batman didn’t.

With a little push Bruce had convinced Dick to take up his leadership position in the team once more and with a unanimous vote Nightwing was accepted into the Justice League. It didn’t take long for Dick to regain confidence in himself and accept the responsibility of training Damian as the new Robin.

“Finding out you’re related to a legacy of assassins can be a bit devastating,” Clark said.

“I was referring to eleven years ago,” Bruce clarified.

“Ah. Yes, well, that too. Good… And what about you?”

“You know the answer to that,”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do… So, Big D and Little D, the new Dynamic Duo. I thought you’d want to train Damian yourself, he’s your biological son after all,”

“Damian needs to learn what it means to be a part of humanity. He wasn’t raised like you or I were, he doesn't know what love and compassion are. He needs to learn that if he’s ever going to be a hero. Dick is the best teacher for that,”

Clark smiled, “Something tells me you’re speaking from experience,”

Bruce remained silent as he typed away at the computer. There was an unsaid ‘Yes’ hanging in the air. Though Bruce would never say the “L” word out loud it was clear to the Kryptonian that his friend loved his adopted son dearly. Clark knew that the former circus acrobat was Bruce’s healing, the light that kept him from reaching insanity in his darkness. Dick taught the Caped Crusader what it was like to be loved again and how to love in return. Whether Bruce realized it or not Dick had saved him from himself.

“Right. Well I’ll leave you to it. Seriously though, stop spying on the poor kids so much,”


July 4th
New York City
Earth: ???
9:00 EST

Peter swung from building to building without a care in the world. It was just one of those days that absolutely no one, not even Gobby, could ruin. After Nightwing, Flash, and their friends went back to their universe after the Owl Invasion things have been changing. He’s told Aunt May about his double life as a superhero and to his surprise she already had an idea and told him that so long as he stayed safe and called her when if he was going to be home late she was alright with it. The morning after the Owl Invasion the Daily Bugle’s front page was a photo of all the heroes together after fight with the headline “Heroes Unite To Save New York”. The article spoke fondly of everyone that fought against the Owls that night, including Spider-Man, and thanked them on behalf of the people of the city. Peter had a copy framed on his wall. In the crowd of faces you could just make out Nightwing’s, smiling as he held his family close.

Peter hoped he was doing alright. He’d be the first to tell you that he missed having the guy around. Maybe they could meet again one day. It was like what Dr. Fate had told him before they left.

“This was no accident. Fate had you two meet for a reason, for what purpose I do not know, but the roads of fate rarely cross only once,”

So maybe they’ll meet again, or maybe not. Peter did think he knew why they met though. They both had lessons to learn. Nightwing needed to face his demons to become a full fledged hero and Peter needed to see just how dark villains can be and that not all of them are just out to rob banks and jewelry stores, that sometimes you need more than powers to get the job done. You need training, discipline, understanding. He supposed he had also learned not to judge too harshly. Had he known Nightwing came from a line of assassins when they first met he would have never trusted him or listened to a word he had to say. He wouldn’t have learned how much of a cool guy he was, he wouldn’t have learned about how they had gone through similar struggles, he wouldn’t have learned how great of a teacher he was or how awesome his family was because he wouldn’t have wanted to hear it. Now he knows better and he couldn’t wait to see him again.

“Next time we meet it’ll be me teaching you a thing or two. Just you wait Nightwing,”


Bludhaven, NJ
00: 35 EST

Jason stood at the top of a tall building overlooking the bridge that connected these scum filled streets to the scum filled streets of Gotham. He took in the sight of the skyscrapers across the water’s glistening reflection on the ink black liquid bellow. He could hear sirens from a police chase in the distance, the honking of horns. The sound of someone landing on the other side of the rooftop.

“Didn’t think you’d make it,” the Red Hood said as he turned around, “You know it’s really not nice to show up late to a meeting you arranged,”

“Sorry. To be honest I didn’t think you’d actually show up,”

“I figured if I was going to keep doing miscellaneous missions with your merry band than I should at least stay on the den mother’s good side,”

“Good” Dick stepped into the light, mask off, eyes glowing an angry yellow, “Because I have a favor to ask,”
Dimension Crash Part 4: Moving Forward
Dun Dun Dun!

And so our story ends on a cliff hanger. New members have joined the ranks of the team and a little nod to the original Young Justice. This fic has unknowingly set up a whole new AU for me. I have so many ideas for villains they could face, who jumps dimensions again (if they jump again). Oh the posablilities!
Part 3: Darker Than Black

Peter avoided going out with Nightwing after that night. He was shaken to say the least. Maybe it was because Nightwing was younger than the other heroes he’s met or perhaps the fact that he saw himself in him but that night sent a cold shiver down his spine. He knew some heroes were cruel, he’s met Wolverine and you can’t be more brutal than that. At least that’s what he used to think. “When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you” Nightwing had said, but what did Nightwing see in there? What did Batman see in there? He’s determined that Nightwing’s brutal fighting style had came from his dad’s teachings. It had to because he refused to believe that a teenager, a child, was capable of doing that stuff and being completely unfazed by it without the behavior being instilled in him early on. He knew he was probably making a big deal out of nothing, Nightwing did in fact tone it down at the weapons cache and showed him how to look for evidence at a crime scene but he couldn’t shake the uneasiness.

‘Think of the scariest, most heartless being in the universe. Now imagine the thing that that thing would have nightmares of. That is Batman,’

‘You have to brake a few eggs to make an omelet,’

He remembered everything Nightwing had said. The cheerfulness he had that night, the witty bantter he’s say in battle. His eerie playfulness, his smirk. He wasn’t a hero because he looked into the abyss. He wasn’t a hero out of a sense of responsibility, though one was definitely there. He wasn’t a hero because he had the power to be one. He was a hero because he enjoyed it, enjoyed the rush. He was a thrill seeker. And what greater thrill than putting your life on the line every night. Now the question was, was this Nightwing’s job or his addiction?

Nightwing continued with the investigation of the gun smugglers. They were Russians, hired to pick up shipments of guns and distribute them to several caches around the city. When Nightwing questioned them on who the boss was they only said the guy’s name was Tombstone. A bit off putting but okay. Nightwing kept asking if he wanted to continue the investigation with him but Peter wasn’t sure he wanted to. Yes he wanted to learn how to be a better hero and yes Nightwing had done a great job of that, teaching him to stick to the shadows, about casing new environments, not running in blind, but his bad habit of dislocating shoulders and cracking ribs was off putting. He didn’t want to bring this up with his team, not wanting to ruin the golden image they painted him in, but he did express his concern with Fury and Wally.

“The Wingman’s home town is Gotham City,” Wally said, “They have a crazy clown planning mass murders and spreading his Joker Venom every week and when it’s not him it’s Scarecrow and his fear gas and if it’s not him it’s Penguin with his gang of thugs and evil birds or Two-Face, or the Riddler, or Bane, or Ivy, hell, even Calander Man when the holiday’s right. He grew to fight brutal. It’s how you survive there. That city will eat you alive if you let it, ‘kill or be killed’ and he and Bats have mastered the art of avoiding those two options. Your crooks are just softer than the ones he’s used to. I’m sure he didn’t mean to scare you off,”

“He didn’t scare me off,” Peter replied quickly, “I just… His style just caught me off guard is all,”

“Well he is Batman’s son. Batman is WAY worse than Boy Blunder. Even Superman is afraid of him and that guy is invulnerable with just about every superpower you can think of. I’m pretty sure Bats kicked his ass once or twice and maybe that’s why, don’t know. I’ll have to ask Wing,” Wally said, “If you want I can go talk to him about it but I’m pretty sure he’ll just brush me off. Worth a shot though,”

“The fact that he uses intimidation and torture and views it as normal behavior is concerning,” Fury rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Welcome to the world of the bat,” Wally said, “Just be happy he didn’t hang a guy over a rooftop by his feet. That is something the big guy would do. Wing’s not to big on the torture thing, not like Bats, but he isn’t afraid of breaking a few fingers and promising worse. That’s normal for him. As I said my bro’s from Gotham. The city’s a lot… meaner. Just be happy that it was Batman that trained him and not some other clown. Lot of dark and seedy stuff in that town,”


Batman and Robin were investigating a strange energy burst on the outskirts of Gotham. After Fate had informed them on Dick and Wally’s whereabouts and that they were safe and in good hands the team, and more specifically Bruce, had calmed down. Fate had assured them that he would be keeping an eye on them and that, in time, they will return. It was all just a matter of waiting. So it was back to business as usual.

As they got closer to the energy source they began running into some problems. Talons. That blasted Court of Owls was back, or at least their Talons were. It was strange though. As they fought Batman could tell they were holding back. They weren’t trying to kill him and Tim and that worried him. Suddenly a bubble of red energy appeared around them, trapping them.

“Hoo, hoo. Look’s like we caught ourselves a Batman and a Bird Brain,” one of the Talons spoke.

“You’re one to talk!” Robin snapped.

“Cobb,” Batman hissed.

“Correct,” Cobb said, “I would kill you but right now I don’t have the time,”

Klarion the Witch Boy stepped out from the shadows and stood beside the head Talon. There was a wicked smirk on his face. Separate these two were dangerous, together they were worryingly so.

“You see Batman you stole something from me, something precious, and have kept it a secret for so long. Blood, Batman, my blood, and I intend to reclaim what is rightfully mine. You can’t keep him from his destiny and he can’t run from it anymore,” Cobb declared, “With the help of Klarion I will find him and shape him into what my blood has destined him to be. A Talon,”

With that Klarion opened a portal and the two were gone. The rest of the Talons dispersed, no longer being needed and after a few minutes the shield dropped. Bruce fell to his knees. This wasn’t happening, not to them. It couldn’t be. The darkest secret Batman has ever had to keep, the one thing that Dick never wanted to come to light.

“Batman, who was that? What was he talking about? What Blood?” Tim was thoroughly confused.

“Dick’s blood, Tim. Dick’s blood,”


Peter ran into Nightwing again when he was out on patrol. Reluctant at first he eventually let the hero from Gotham tag along under the condition that they do things his way for the night. Nightwing was okay with that, he just seemed happy to be leaping from rooftop to rooftop. He could see why the guy took a bird name as his hero identity, the guy made falling look as graceful as flying, maybe even a little more so. Nightwing had a carefree smile on his face, like he was on top of the world having the time of his life. It was a feeling Peter knew well. Up here above everything, swinging from a thread, he felt invincible, like nothing was impossible.

“I love patrolling under a clear sky,” Nightwing said as he leaped a large gap between buildings, “No clouds overhead to make you feel trapped. Just us, the moon, and a limitless sky,”

“I take it you enjoy patrolling than,” Peter smiled underneath his mask. The guy’s joy was infectious.

“Live for it. Patrol is the highlight of every day for me. I can’t wait to put on the uniform and go out. It makes me feel so alive. That I’m up here doing what no one else can,”

They leaped and swung from building to building. Nightwing informed him that he had tipped off the cops to the locations of the other caches and had discovered Tombstone’s real name was Lonnie Lincoln. The man had moved his gun trafficking operations out of Daredevil’s turf and into Spidey’s because the devil was getting in the way. Now his operation was crippled and the cops knew his name.

“I left a ‘Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man’ note. Figured since it’s your town you should take the credit,” Nightwing said.

“You didn’t have to do that you know,”

“Sure I did. Nightwing doesn't belong here. He belongs in Bludhaven and Gotham with Batman and Robin. Just think of it as a show of gratitude,”

Peter was about to say something when his Spider Sense flared up. Suddenly a knife flew by and cut his web and he began to fall. With superhuman reflexes he quickly shot another web and swung over to the building Nightwing was standing on and landed hard in a heap on the floor.

“What the hell was that?” Nightwing asked crouching down to help him up.

Peter, again, didn’t get to reply. An owl flew so close over their heads that they both instinctively ducked. The bird landed on a man’s shoulder who was standing on a roof across a small alley from them. Nightwing visibly tenced. His masked eyes widening in disbelief and fear.

The man was clad in all black armor with silver and gold trimming. A cloth hood with a golden owl mask covered the man’s face. He had several throwing knives attached to a leather strap across his chest and two daggers on his hips, a sword strapped to his back.

“No… Not here… Not now… How?” Nightwing spoke in such a hushed voice that even Peter’s advanced hearing had trouble picking it up.

Nightwing closed his eyes and began to shake in fear, “Acest lucru nu se poate întâmpla. Nu e adevărat... Nu e aici. El nu poate... (This can't be happening. He's not real... He's not here. He can't...)”

“Richard, you don’t seem so happy to see me,” the man said, “I thought you’d want a family reunion though you didn’t seem so thrilled about our last one. Could I be wrong?”

Nightwing opened his eyes to look at the man and Peter could see tears beading under his mask. Peter didn’t know this man, the fact that Nightwing did meant that he wasn't from this dimension. The fact that Nightwing seemed scared to death by him made Peter’s blood boil. No way was this guy getting to Nightwing! No way was he threatening his friend! He secretly pressed the distress beacon on his communicator before stepping between Nightwing and Owl Face.

“Look I don’t know who you are but you best leave Nightwing alone,” Peter spoke fearlessly.

“You made a new friend Richard. That’s cute. I take it he didn’t tell you who he was, what he is,” the owl guy said.

“He told me enough! He’s Nightwing! He’s Batman’s son,” Peter said.

“He’s lying,” the man hissed, “That bat’s no more his father than I am yours! Their blood ties are thinner than water,”

Peter looked down at Nightwing wide eyed and the owl guy just laughed, “Hoo, hoo, I guess he never told you he was adopted. Poor, poor Richard, orphaned and alone. Stolen from his home by the big bad bat. Fed the lies that he was born for heroism, that being a vigilante was his calling. Your blood dictates otherwise,”

“Nightwing?” Peter didn’t know how to go about asking the very obvious question.

“Come on boy. It’s in your blood to be a Talon,” Owl face said.

Suddenly Nightwing shot a Batarang at the man, aiming for his neck, “Leave me the hell alone!”

“Now that’s no way to treat family. I take it the bat failed to teach you manners,” the Talon deflected the projectile with ease.

“He taught me I had choices,” Nightwing hissed, “And I chose Nightwing!”

“Again, cute,” Talon flung a knife straight at Nightwing’s head.

It never hit its target but was instead caught by a blur of red. The Flash stood before them glaring at the assassin. Nova flew overhead and Peter heard his team come filing out of the staircase that led onto the roof. The gang was all here.

“Perhaps another time then. For now though, a tactical retreat. I’ll be seeing you soon,” The man threw down a smoke bomb.

Nova shot a nova beam into the cloud but when the smoke cleared there was no one there. Just an owl feather and a growing sense of dread.

“Okay. This is the part where you give us an explanation on what all that was,” Peter told Nightwing who just hung his head low.


“His name was William Cobb, born October 10, 1901. He’s a Talon for a secret society known as the Court of Owls. They ruled Gotham from the shadows and were responsible for the assassinations of many of Gotham’s elite over the centuries. Cobb is the best assassin they have, kept alive by electrum blood… and… he’s my great-grandfather,” Nightwing said slowly, “I was supposed to be his heir, chosen at birth. They had begun the conversion process against everyone’s knowledge, including my own when I was six. The night my parents died was the night I was supposed to be delivered to them for brainwashing and training but Batman got me before they could. The court has since been disbanded, murdered by Cobb, but their Talons are still at large,”

They were back on the helicarrier now sitting in one of the briefing rooms. Nightwing, or Richard as he had confessed his real name to be, was still in uniform but had removed his mask. Everyone had. Now was not the time to hide face. He looked so pathetic right now, and the slightest bit of movement in his peripheral would make him flinch, like he was expecting to be attacked any second now.

“Dude,” Wally said slowly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“How was I supposed to? I only found out a few months ago. Tim, Dami, and Babs don’t even know! You’re my frate (brother) Wally, my best friend. And so soon after the Reach invasion and that whole mess with Kaldur, Black Manta, and the Light. I didn’t want people thinking I was another repeat of that, or worse, that I’d actually turn. You, of all people, know how important my heritage is to me. The only reason I’m not Richard Wayne is because I wanted to honor my folks. I’m team leader and you were still MIA when I found out. What was I supposed to say? ‘Hay bro, good to see you’re not actually dead. I know you still hate me for almost getting your girlfriend of five years killed but I just want to let you know that the only reason I exist is so I can kill the man who raised and loved me. Can I come cry on your shoulder about it?’ It’s bad enough Bruce had to learn his son was born to kill him and everyone else of political importance in Gotham. I didn’t want everyone I love to look at me and only see a list of the dead,” Nightwing was close to tears now.

Wally was over to him in a flash, hugging him tightly, “You’re my brother Dick and I don’t care if you’re a Talon’s heir, a white martian, or some genomorph grown in a pod in an underground lab. You’re my brother before all of that. You’re the guy that would put his life on the line, sacrifice everything, to save a nameless face on the street, you’re the only guy on the planet that can do a quadruple backflip onto a raging monster’s back, and you’re the kid I wanted to be before I got my powers. You’re not your family’s past, you’re not a Talon, you’re Nightwing. After everything you’ve done for the team, for Gotham, hell, the planet, do you really think anyone would care?”

“Multumesc (thank you),” Dick hugged him back, tears finally spilling over, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,”

“I’m sorry if I made you feel like you couldn’t. I can jump to judgment too quickly. Speedster thing,”

Peter felt a bit awkward about being in the room with the two in what was obviously a very private moment. He again felt the need to feel sorry for Nightwing. God, his life must be hell. Forget having as much experience as half the Avengers, he’s dealt with more shit than all of them. He was a survivor. He could only imagine what the guy was going through. Finding out you were predetermined at birth to become an assassin, having your parents die, then finding out the man that raised you was a guy you were supposed to have been trained to kill. It’ll make a guy question their entire life. Peter understood why he’d not want to say anything. In the world of heroes vs. villains something as simple as bloodline can determine if someone trusts you with their life or not.

“Wait,” Wally held Nightwing at an arm’s length, “You’re not a genomorph are you? Roy and Kon are enough,”

“Oh my God! Way to ruin a moment Kid Idiot!” Nightwing punched Wally in the shoulder but was nevertheless smiling.

“Just checking,” Wally smiled.

“Sooo… What are we going to do about Talon?” Nova asked.

“This is my fight, my ghost,” Nightwing said.

“The lone ranger act can get you killed,” Peter said remembering what Dick had told him a few days before.

“I’m not letting you get yourself killed before you can be the best man at my wedding,” Wally said, “And besides Barbara would kill me if I let her ‘Hunk Wonder’ die. She scares me more than Bats,”

“That’s cuz she’s not afraid to call us on our bullshit,” Nightwing smiled, “And who said it’ll be her that’ll kill you? You know how Little D is when it comes to me,”

“We do this together,” Iron Fist declared.

Nightwing looked at everyone in the room and felt a weight lift off his shoulders. They didn’t care. Wally didn’t care. He was okay. He was safe. He then looked over at Commander Fury. He was the one Dick was worried about. He was such a by the books guy, a lot like Gordon back home, only Fury dealt with superheroes and supervillains on a daily bases. If he didn’t trust Dick…

“Any idea on what Cobb’s motives are?” Fury asked.

“Motives? That’s easy, me. He want’s me, to turn me into the perfect weapon, and if he can’t have me know one will,” Dick said, “He’ll find us,”

“So we wait?” Peter asked.

“For what, the bloodshed? Have I taught you nothing? We don’t wait, we hunt,” Dick said with determination.


“That thing was Dick’s great-grandfather? And neither of you thought to tell us? Bruce this is huge. How long has he suffered alone with this?” Barbara was furious, mostly with Dick.

“Five months,” Batman says.

“Five months?! I hope he can last that long in a dog house,” she crossed her arms over her chest.

“They must have had a good reason to not tell us,” Tim tried to calm his brother’s girlfriend down but it wasn’t really working.

Truth be told he was upset too. He had known Dick had been acting funny five months ago but had brushed it off as stress from trying to track Wally’s energy signals. When Wally was found and Jason came back from the dead (that was a long night), and Damian was dropped into their lives he got better and started smiling again. Had he known the distress was because a Talon from the now disbanded Court of Owls had come and told Dick the truth of his family’s and Haley’s connection to the secret society than he would have been there for his hero. There were no secrets between them (if you don’t count the deep undercover mission), no lies. So why did Dick feel the need to keep this to himself? It wouldn’t make him think any less of him. He was his mentor, his big brother, his idol. Nothing would ever change that.

“In truth I don’t know what Dick was thinking, just that it wasn’t my place to tell. Maybe he thought that with Artemis and Kaldur’s deep undercover mission that the team already didn’t trust him, maybe he thought everyone would think he was another kid trying to run away from his past by being a hero, or maybe he just didn’t want to acknowledge it as truth. What I do know is that he’s in trouble and he needs us. We’re going after him. Dr. Fate has agreed to open a portal for us in light that Cobb is now working with our favorite lord of chaos,” Batman explained.

“Good. I’ll go gather the team,” Barbara began to walk towards the Batcave’s zeta-tubes.

“Barbara,” Bruce started.

“No. This isn’t just your son this guy’s after. Dick is Young Justice. You mess with one of us you mess with us all. Cobb just raised an army against himself,”

She was off and Tim was following close behind her. Bruce sighed and turned around to see Damian grading one of Dick’s old Robin uniforms out of a display case. It was the first Robin uniform, back when Dick went on patrol dressed in traffic light colors. He was so small back then that even though he was nine when he first donned cape and mask the outfit would fit perfectly onto a six year old Damian.

“And what are you doing?” he asked the young assassin.

“Helping. My skills go way past the Talon’s simplistic training. You could use me out there and seeing as I don’t have a costume of my own I’ll need to borrow one,” he took out the tunic and green mask.

“Wouldn’t it be confusing having two Robins?” Bruce asked.

“Drake can get over it. If he starts whining just have the clone comfort him or something. I don’t care,”


Peter didn’t go to school the next day, claiming to be sick and waited till Aunt May left for work to sneak out. After the events of last night he decided that Dick needed some distraction from his inner turmoil. They’ll hunt Talon down later tonight, for now they needed some R&R. That’s how he ended up in Central Park with the guy again only this time with Wally. To be honest he felt a bit like a third wheel with these two. They were like an old married couple only… you know… not. Dick kept poking fun at Wally for his eating habits and claiming that he’d be married before the speedster if he didn’t hurry up propose to his girlfriend. Wally just said that the team’s resident dog had zero room to talk and that his eating habits were fine thank you very much. Eventually they settled down underneath a large oak tree and began exchanging stories of their many hero adventures.

“Next thing I know I’m fighting Deathstroke and there were still two more bombs to defuse. Bats was still busy with Blockbuster and Little Bird was out for the count with a head injury. Suddenly Superman shows up out of nowhere and makes quick work of everything. Man was B-Man pissed with Clark. I think he pulled kryptonite on him at the following JLA meeting because he kept flinching every time me and Tati walked into a room he was in for like the next few weeks,” Dick recalled one of his more recent missions with the Bat Family.

Wally laughed, “You’d think the Man of Steel would know by now that Batman hates outside help, especially if said help comes from metas,”

“He got the whole ‘stay out of my city’ speech and everything. It was amusing to watch. Supey so wasn’t feeling the aster, heavy on the dis,”

“‘Aster’? ‘Heavy on the dis’? Dude, what kind of English are you speaking?” Peter chuckled.

“Prefixes offend me,” Dick stated.

“He also has a bad habit of slipping into other languages that no one can understand,” Wally added.

“Nu știu despre ce vorbești despre. N-am să fac asta. Opri spune minciuni, (I don't know what you're talking about. I never do that. Stop telling lies.)” Dick crossed his arms.

“That. That right there. That’s what I’m talking about. No one understands your strange gypsy tongue,” Wally said, pointing at his friend comically.

Dick just stuck his tongue out childishly. Peter chuckled. These two were just like how he and Harry used to be. Things were now strained between them with Harry hating Spider-Man and his father, Norman, being Peter’s archenemy. Harry, of course, was blissfully unaware of all of this and Peter really hoped it stayed that way. For Harry’s sake.

As the day dragged on they found themselves at the cafe where Peter had first ran into Dick as just Dick and befriended him. They ran into MJ and Harry there, unsurprising seeing as it was now 5:30 and school had let out a few hours ago. Peter introduced Dick and Wally as two friends of his that were visiting from Jersey. MJ introduced herself and quickly took a liking to Dick and began trying to flirt with him, much to Peter’s irritation. Dick was either oblivious, unlike for someone that took in every detail of a situation by habit, or chose to ignore her attempts in favor for striking up conversation with Harry. Wally just shook his head at the poor girl’s attempts to swoon the acrobat. Apparently this happened almost every time a girl met the billionaire’s son, unless you were Barbara Gordon.

“It took a year of practically begging for her to finally say yes to going out with him,” Wally snickered.

Dick glared at his best friend before pulling a mischievous smirk, “Hay Hermes, remind me when you’re planning on proposing to Artemis? I want to be there for when she kicks your ass for taking so long,”

“I’m not taking too long!” Wally defended.

“Dude, five years. Most marriages don’t even last that long. At the pace you’re going I’ll be married before you. I’d like to be your best man before I die,” Dick said.

“Don’t worry Pixie Boy, I already got the ring. I’m just waiting for the perfect moment. Speaking of, can I borrow the island retreat?” Wally asked.

“Promise to wash it when you’re done and I might consider running it by Bruce. And stop mooching off me,”

“Never, Richie Rich,”

“I can and will hurt you,”

“I think we just became third, fourth, and fifth wheels,” Harry whispered.

“How do you think I felt before we got here?” Peter whispered back.

Peter’s phone buzzed. It was a message from Fury telling them to get back to the helicarrier. Looking outside he saw it was now dusk. Time to catch a Talon.

“Time to go?” Wally asked.

Peter nodded.

“Well then it was nice meeting you two,” Dick said, “Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime,”

Peter waved goodby to his friends and they were off to the helicarrier. Tonight they were hunting down Cobb and hopefully figure out how he got here. Nightwing had an idea on where he might be hiding out. The Court prayed on people’s superstitions. Back in Gotham they were a legend, an old nursery rhyme spoken to scare children. They instilled fear into people. They keep people silent. They kill who they see fit. Nightwing admitted that Cobb had killed many a Wayne and he was investigating the possibility that he had organized the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. If it turned out to be true than Nightwing would be a direct descendant of the man who truly killed his mentor’s parents. Well shit. Now Peter felt bad.

“He’d most likely be holding up in an old building or a place where the thirteenth floor is cut off from the rest. That’s where all the Court’s hideouts, Talon Nests, and meeting places were back home,” Nightwing said.

“This could take forever,” Nova stated, “This is New York. There’s, like, a gagillion buildings that fit that description,”

“Then we take forever. We find Cobb. We bring him down. Radio in whenever you find something that looks suspicious and no unnecessary risks. That’s an order. Cobb is a formidable foe and will not hesitate to kill you. You see him you turn on your tracker and you run. You do not engage him alone. Tonight’s not the night for any heroics,” Nightwing told everyone.

He had gone full leader mode. Commander Fury was watching the scene from the security monitor in his office. To be honest he at first was highly suspicious of Flash and Nightwing. They show up after an unusual energy storm, seek out Spider-Man, and claim to be from another universe. With villains like Dr. Doom, Loki, and Thanos out there he was entitled to his suspicions but Dr. Strange vouched for them so he gave them the benefit of the doubt. He kept them on the helicarrier for closer observation, had them spar with the best to assess their skills, all with the end goal of keeping them pre-occupied as he formulated a contingency plan just in case. That’s how he discovered exactly how dangerous Nightwing could be if he went rogue. He defeated Captain America, bypassed their security systems, hacked their computers, and deduced every secret ID for the Avengers, and formulated his own contingency plans against them.

“The Avengers are gods among men,” the kid had said, “Do you have any idea what would happen if just one of them went rogue?”

The kid didn’t trust them, or he was just paranoid. Flash did mention something about bat paranoia and how not even some of the Bats allies on the Justice League knew his or Nightwing’s faces. Fury could see his reasoning, he himself had run some simulations and the end result was always the same. They got betten. Badly. Nightwing then said that he and Batman did the same for every Justice League member including Batman himself. Hell, he kept the one weakness of one of his idols on him at all times. Kryptonite.

Then he expressed interest in Spider-Man. Started asking about him. Than he learned he and Spider-Man went on patrol together, that he had landed five men in the hospital, and that he had tortured one of them into giving him information. Nightwing had just brushed it off, with Peter, and with him. Said that that was how he did things and that he still had eight fingers to go on that guy before things would have gotten serious. He had reluctantly agreed to tone down the violence though he had honestly not seen what the problem with it was. Fury had let it go again, after all he wasn’t one to talk violence when he employed people like Black Widow. Then another curve ball. The Talon and Nightwing’s relation to him. Fury now saw why all that sneaking around and fancy acrobatics came so easily to him. He would make the perfect assassin and if it wasn’t for his undying loyalty to Batman he could be a very real threat.

That was another thing. The kid was crazy loyal, almost to a fault. He spoke of Batman as if he was a god, and maybe to Nightwing he was. The man groomed him to be the perfect child crime fighter, the perfect soldier, and though that didn’t say much for the man it was clear that Nightwing looked up to him, loved him. The kid was also a natural born leader. He commanded Spider-Man and the S.H.I.E.L.D team with ease and experience. Wally had mentioned that the team Nightwing runs, Young Justice they called themselves, was easily three times bigger and that they were always looking for new recruits. Nightwing was one to take charge and seeing him now, telling the team his plan and emphasizing the importance of their safety, Fury knew they were in good hands. He trusted him.

The team walked out of the briefing room and hit the streets. After an hour of searching all hell broke loose. Above the Empire State Building a red portal opened up and black figures started pouring out, gliding on the air with wing like paraglider flaps. Talons, lots and lots of Talons.

“Klarion,” Flash observed, “That’s how Cobb got here. Well this is just great,”

“Rahat. Right. Everyone pair off. Nova I want you in the sky. Blast as many as you can. They can’t fight if they’re gliding. The fall should be enough damage to force them back into their sleeper state. Talons are reanimated corpses so don’t hold back. Power Man, Flash you got crowd control. Get everyone inside and keep them there. This definitely qualifies as a state of emergency so if you can get the police on board that’ll be great. Spidey, Tiger, Iron Fist you’re with me. We got the ones on the ground. Do not split up under any circumstances,” Nightwing ordered over the comms.

“What about the witch boy?” Flash asked.

“We will burn that bridge when we get to it. For now out top priority is stopping the Talons,” Nightwing said.

“I’ll call up Dr. Strange,” Iron Fist said, “He should be able to close the portal,”

“I don’t think we can do this alone guys. I think we should call for help,” Spider-Man said.

“I’m with the web head on this one. I think we should call S.H.I.E.L.D,” White Tiger said.

“Acknowledged. Execute,” Nightwing ordered and the battle was on.

Nova rocketed into the sky and began blasting the Talon’s paragliding flaps, burning them and causing the assassins to go plummeting to the ground below. Nova decommissioned a good number of them but there were just too many coming through the portal. The ground team quickly found themselves in an all out brawl with the Talons. No one was holding back. Not even Peter and though he did feel bad that these were once normal people he was more or less killing (rekilling?) but the need to protect his home from the invaders outweighed that. Eventually the Avengers joined the fray and, to everyone’s surprise, some old foes as well. Sandman, Vulture, Electro, even Gobby, and was that Deadpool yelling at a Talon that was also wielding a katana for copying him? But it still wasn’t enough. They were still coming. Dr. Strange was duking it out with Klarion on the roof of the Empire State Building, Iron Man was helping Nova, Captain America was assisting Power Man and Flash, Hawkeye was sniping them with his trick arrows, Black Widow was tag teaming it with White Tiger, and Hulk was… hulking. Everyone was giving it everything they had but it still wasn’t enough.

Then Dick saw him. Cobb. He wasn’t wearing his mask, showing his gray skin, sickly blue veins, and inhuman yellow eyes. He was smirking and it really pissed Dick off. He charged him and the fight was on. The sound of clashing metal filled the air around them, neither letting up for one second. Nightwing was uncharacteristically quiet as he fought his great-grandfather but Cobb spoke lots. He said that Dick was a failure of a descendant, that he tarnished the family by becoming a vigilante, that by playing hero and refusing to kill he was being a coward.

“The only way to solve problems is to eliminate them that way they can never return. How many problems could you have solved if you had just finished them. How many have died because you couldn’t cross a line? How many have been killed that you could have saved? You could have saved them, all of them, even Jason,” Cobb managed to slash Dick across the chest.

Dick cried out in pain and Cobb stabbed him in the shoulder with a throwing knife. Dick collapsed onto his knees, his escrima sticks clattering to the ground. He was breathing heavily and trying to focus. The streets around them were empty, he noted. Somehow Cobb had lured him away from the rest without him realizing it. He felt so foolish and if Batman were here he’d be listing everything Dick had done wrong tonight. Just like always, Dick has screwed up.

“Now join me, complete your destiny and rule Gotham from the shadows. Surviving the Court is the only way to protect the ones you love. It’s what you were born to do,” Cobb extended a hand, “I’ll even let you spare your dear little brother Damian. He’ll make a good Talon too,”

Nightwing chuckled dryly, “Yeah. I guess you’re right. It was always coming down to this. Me and you. Set in motion since before even my father of Bruce were even born but you’ve got it all wrong. Bruce, Tim, Dami, Barbara, and I, we already rule Gotham. We watch over as the Waynes by day and the Bats by night. We will always be there watching over them from the shadows, protecting them from things like you and if I believed in destiny I’d say being Nightwing was mine,”

“How far the family’s fallen. Very well. If my family can no longer uphold our legacy then I’ll simply chop the tree down before it can be poisoned any further,” Cobb brought down his knife only for it to be stopped by an escrima stick.

“Bring it old man,”

Dick had found his second wind but it somehow felt different this time, like his senses were on high alert. He felt stronger, his eyesight sharper, his reaction time faster. He was on par with Cobb.

The talon smirked, “What a waist that advanced serum was on you. I see you’ve activated it now. How does it feel? Do you feel powerful? Like you can do anything? What’s it like to be a Talon? That’s what you are now.

Your body has activated a dormant serum that has bonded to every cell in your body. Looks like going to the doctor’s office for your flu shots has really come back to bite you. That power was supposed to stay dormant until the Court got a hold of you and inputted the trigger words into your subconscious but it seems your body’s desire to survive outweighed that. Just to bad. It’s still not enough,”

Cobb cut Dick on the shoulder and the young man hissed in pain, “Now you die,” Cobb brought his dagger down on his descendant.


This was bad. This was bad, this was bad, this was bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. There were too many of them. They were stretched so thin and getting wounded fast. Flash had a gash in his leg, the Cap had a few cuts and scratches here and there, Nova was exhausted, Thor had a sai stuck in his side, Black Widow and White Tiger were backed into a corner, and Peter’s spider sense was the only thing keeping him alive at this point. Oh, and Nightwing has up and vanished. There was that too. Didn’t he say something about not wandering off?

“We need to fall back and regroup,” the Cap said.

“Not until we find Nightwing. He must have gotten separated from us somehow,” White Tiger said.

“That idiot. He must have ran off to fight Cobb himself,” Flash growled.

“Bad news guys. I’m down to my last arrow,” Hawkeye said.

“Isn’t that always the case?” Black Widow said.

Suddenly and arrow shot out of nowhere and tagged a Talon in the knee. everyone looked over to see a female archer dressed in green, her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, standing on a nearby rooftop. Then there was a loud roar and a few talons rounded the corner running away from… a giant t-rex? The t-rex roar again as it chased them down followed by a green girl with red hair. Another red haired girl came swinging in from a rope followed by a blond girl with a lasso and a boy dressed in red with an ‘R’ on his chest. There was another kid as well, six by the looks of it, wearing a tunic similar to what the kid dressed in red was wearing only the sleeves were short and green and the ‘R’ was a different style. It looked like he just put the shirt on over whatever he had been wearing. He had on a green mask and was wealing a katana. The aria was suddenly swarmed with new faces, all teens or young adults. A guy with a ‘S’ shield on his shirt, a guy with gills and swords made out of water, a girl that looked similar to Wasp, a guy that looked like some alien bug, a kid dressed in a yellow and red outfit similar to Flash’s, and a guy in a brown jacket with a Kevlar shirt that had a red bat on in who was dual wielding guns. The most notable part of him was that a few tufts of hair above his forehead were white while the rest was black. The street was now packed with heroes of all shapes, sizes, and powers. Suddenly a dark shadow flew over Peter’s head and landed right behind him, punching and knocking out a talon that he was too distracted to notice.

The man turned to look at him. He was tall, dark, and intimidating. His black cloak enveloped everything around it. The only speck of color on him was a yellow utility belt. It felt like the air around him dropped a couple of degrees and an aura of doom and dread filled the area. Peter immediately regretted meeting the man’s gaze. He had a cold glare that could make even Dr. Doom shake with fear. Swallowing hard Peter worked up the courage to speak.

“T-thanks. And you are?” Peter cursed himself for stuttering.

“I’m Batman,” it was more of a declaration then an answer.

If his face wasn’t covered Batman would have seen Peter go pale and with the way he looked at him he probably did, “Y-you’re Batman? THE Batman? You’re way scarier than imagined,”

Batman ignored the comment and cut straight to the chase, “Where’s Nightwing?”

“I don’t know. We lost track of him in the fight against these Talon guys,” Peter said.

“Typical. I’ll find him. Stay here. Dr. Fate will have the portal closed soon,” with that the Dark Knight was gone.

Looking back at the scene the heroes were finally getting the upper hand. Peter went to work helping out the girl that looked like a female version of Batman and the kid with the bo staff, webbing the owl ninja’s weapons away and webbing their eyes so that they couldn’t see. The smaller kid with the katana was cutting down Talons left and right, it was really kind of frightening to see a small child wield a weapon with a blade his size with such skill and not care one bit that he’s chopping off heads. Yes, the kid was decapitating them. Peter tried not to think about that.

The rest of the Young Justice crew split into groups and started helping the wounded. Kid Flash and Blue Beetle were helping Flash, Miss Martian and Superboy paired off to fight a group of Talons, Wonder Girl and Aqualad were tag teaming a pair with swords and knives, Lagoon Boy was with the Hulk, Bumblebee with Guardian, Artemis was sharing arrows with Hawkeye, Red Hood and Deadpool were fighting back to back, and Static was with Thor combining their powers to generate powerful lightning blasts. Talons were falling left and right, soon there will be none left. Up at the top of the Empire State Building Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate had bested Klarion and him and his cat were knocked out. The portal was closed and the Talons now had no way of reopening it. They were threw.


Dick was in survival mode at this point. He dodged as best he could but the pain and blood loss was making him slow and dizzy. The advanced abilities the experimental Talon Serum gave him were not helping. He couldn't do this. He was going to die. At least then Cobb couldn’t use him against Batman and his friends. No. No, he couldn’t think like that. Not now. He was not dieing like this. Narrowly dodging another swipe from Cobb Dick made one last ditch effort to beat him. Charging up both eskrima sticks to their max output of 50,000 volts he clashed the together making an energy pulse that fried everything within a ten foot radius of it save for Dick who was protected by his insulated suit. He wasn’t sure if he hit Cobb with the energy pulse or not. He had blacked out after that, unable to stay conscious any longer. He heard footsteps coming towards him as he faded. Did he miss? Oh, well. At least he tried. As the darkness consumed him he silently apologized to Wally, the team, and his family, hoping Bruce could forgive him for being so weak. Once again he falls to Gotham’s worst.




Dick woke up to a gentle hand brushing his hair out of his eyes and removing his mask. There was a secure arm around his shoulder, holding him close. He instinctively drew himself closer to the warm body holding him, craving the protection it provided like a lost child.

“Fiu…” a familiar voice said.

Bruce. He was with Bruce. He was safe. He had saved him, just like always. He’ll be okay.

“Tati,” Dick’s voice was cracked and barely audible.

“Shh,” Bruce had dropped his Batman persona altogether, his cowl pulled back to reveal the man underneath, “Ești în siguranță acum. Te-am prins. (You’re safe now. I’ve got you.)”

Dick forced his eyes open and smiled softly. It was always comforting to hear his native tongue spoken to him. It was something Bruce did after the many nightmares he had as a child and the traumas he faced while Robin. He recalled after the failsafe Bruce didn’t speak a speck of English to him for weeks. It was some time during that that he discovered two things. One: he didn’t want to be Batman anymore and two: he couldn’t remember what his parents looked like. Yes he had the general idea. His mom was thin and had blondish red hair, his dad was muscular and had black hair but outside of that everything was blurry. When he thought of what his dad shoulda looked like Bruce’s face was the only thing that popped up. When he looked at his family’s small faces in the picture frame on his bedside table, the image to small and old to show and real detail on the faces in it, it just didn’t feel right anymore, like it was somehow fake. It was real, it was his life, but it was no longer his home or his world. After the undercover “mission” to Haley’s Circus with the team, minus Wally, it only solidified it. Yes it felt good to be on the trapeze again and to this day he’ll do it again in a heartbeat but he didn’t live for it anymore. It was one last act for the Grayson kid, one last obligation to his past as a boy he no longer recognized or could identify as. It was time to put the past in the past. Time to finally move on.

Cobb was the final nail in the coffin. Dick Grayson the circus boy was dead. Dick Grayson, Nightwing and adopted son of Bruce Wayne is who he was now. He didn’t need to hang onto old family ties anymore. He had a new family in Bruce, Al, Babs, Tim, and Damian, Jason too when he showed up and wasn’t trying to kill everyone. A bat family. The best kind there is.

He wasn’t sure when he started seeing Bruce as his father. It just sort of happened. One day he was Bruce Wayne the man that took him in and mentored him in the ways of crime fighting and the next he was Bruce Wayne the Daddy Bats. Dick supposed it was early on. He remembered having recurring nightmares the first few months after his parent’s deaths, nightmares that were so vivid he would wake up balling with the occasional wet bed. One night on a particularly bad dream he remembered he had a lapse in judgment and went running off to find comfort, his legs carrying him to Bruce. Scared so much he was physically incapable of speaking a speck of English he crawled into bed with his legal guardian and began rambling in Romani. Somewhere in that he must have muttered the word ‘tati’ because after that Bruce was a lot more fatherly to him and over time he became synonymous with the word in his mind. Somewhere along the line Bruce began seeing him in a similar light because ‘chum’ was slowly traded out for ‘son’. Their bond only grew further from there. After four years of working side by side with one another communication was hardly ever needed. They knew exactly what the other was thinking by body language alone. They could have entire conversations with eye contact alone.

He guessed that was why he was so possessive of Bruce back in the day. He didn’t want to share his dad with anyone else, especially his teammates. He had weaseled his way into the bat’s heart and he didn’t want to share because he could be so easily replaced. Batman could pick any kid off the streets and they would love to be the Dark Knight’s new partner. So when the team was formed and Aqualad became leader and began seeking guidance from Batman and with Superman being a dick to Superboy and the clone in desperate need of a father figure he began to feel threatened. He mellowed out after he matured a bit and Batgirl came along and when Jason made his way into the family, a kid that was literally picked up off the streets, Dick hardly felt threatened. He was, and always will be, Batman’s number one, his go to for when things got tough, Batman’s oldest and most trusted son.

Bruce looked down at the boy in his arms. His eyes were a sickly, animalistic yellow now, not a soft baby blue. Dick must have noticed the way he was looking at him because he sighed dejectedly.

“I look like him now, don’t I? Like a monster?” Dick couldn’t bring himself to look at Bruce, tears in his eyes.

“No,” the Dark Knight said, “You look like my son, old chum,”

Dick wrapped his arms around the bat and buried his face in his chest. Reluctantly Bruce wrapped his arms around him too. Dick smiled secretly. Ten years and Bruce still didn’t know what the hell he was doing when it came to his kids. Guy was a lost cause.

“Always there to save my sorry ass huh, dad,” Dick grinned.

“Could say the same to you, son,” Bruce gave a small smile, “Can you walk?”

“Maybe. He got me pretty good in the leg,”

Bruce hoisted Dick up and Dick put his arm around his shoulder for support. They slowly made their way over to Cobb’s body. The front of his outfit was torn and charred a bit, his eyes glazed over with death. Dick leaned down with great difficulty and closed Cobb’s eyes.

“He was a monster but he was still a person,” Dick said softly.

“A person that couldn’t let go,” Bruce added.

“Guess he and I had something in common after all,”

They remained silent for a moment befor Dick stood up again, “So… When’s the next JLA meeting again?”

Bruce was a bit taken aback by the question but hid his surprise well, “You planning on joining?”

“Part-time. The team is still my top priority and that will never change and I’ll always be there in a heartbeat when you need me… I think maybe it’s time I extend that offer to the League as well,” Dick said.

“We’ll be happy to have you,”


The last Talon fell to Blue Beetle and his plasma cannon. They had won the night. They survived the Owls. Slowly civilians came out of their hiding places as the heroes and few villains picked themselves up and licked their wounds. Peter looked around at everyone and let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. Everyone was okay, a little worse for the ware, but alive. They lived to fight another day.

Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange came floating down to them, “Klarion has been defeated and is now imprisoned in the Tower of Fate. He won’t be harming anyone else for some time,” Dr. Fate said.

“Father and Nightwing are still missing,” Damian said.

“Please be okay,” Robin mutter under his breath.

“Chill Replacement, Dickie Bird’s hard to kill. I should know, I’ve only tried half a dozen times,” Red Hood said crossing his arms over his chest, “By the way. Thanks for the last minute call. I hate most of you guys’s guts but… I guess I like you better with your guts on the inside,”

“Somehow that’s not really comforting,” Batgirl said with a sigh, “Thank you Jason. I like your guts better on the inside too,”

Jason blushed a little and he now regretted coming to this with only a red mask and not his hood, “Great, now I’m feeling sappy emotions,”

“Hey, look!” Beat Boy said pointing down the street as two figures began to emerge from the smoke and fog.

Slowly a cowl-less Batman and maskless Nightwing emerged from the fog, Batman supporting his injured son. Nightwing’s uniform was cut up and torn all over the place, the blue symbol on his chest stained red with his blood. Dried blood covered his forehead and he had deep gashes on his shoulder, across his chest, and down his leg. It was amazing he was still countions with so much blood loss. They stopped in front of Beat Boy who looked up at them in shock and disbelief. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were Batman and Nightwing?! Who would have guessed that?! And what happened to Dick’s eyes?! Dick then tossed something and it landed with a clang in front of the changeling's feet. It was one of Cobb’s daggers.

“Souvenir,” Dick said simply, a small smirk on his lips.

Bruce helped him sit down on the side of the road and in the blink of an eye he was surrounded by the other bats.

“And you say I have a death wish. Way to throw everyone for a loop Dick Duck,” Jason said, “And what’s up with the eyes?”

Batgirl hugged him as tightly as she could without hurting him and kissed his cheek, “I was so worried, Dick. You have no idea,”

“Never do anything like this again please,” Robin joined in on the hug.

“-Tt-. Facing him one on one was an idiotic move, even by your standards. I’m surprised you’re even still alive,” Damian crossed his arms.

“Is that one of my old uniforms?” Dick grinned.

Damian blushed a little and scowled, “I needed something to wear. I don’t have a uniform and this was the only thing my size,”

“I think it’s cute. You make such a cute little Robin Damian~” Dick gushed grabbing Damian and pulling him into a hug.

“Unhand me this instant!” Damian yelled.

“But you’re so cute,” Dick held him tighter.


The others watched the scene unfold in front of them. None of the younger members were used to seeing their usually all business leader act so… un-Nightwing and they were still trying to wrap their heads around the idea that Nightwing was former acrobat and billionaire’s son Richard Grayson. To be honest not many from the original team have seen Dick act like an overly affectionate older brother but they have seen how he would randomly pounce Tim and Jason with hugs and refuse to let go and they’ve all seen firsthand how overprotective he was of the younger members of the bat family.

“Aww, they’re just so cute!” M’gann cooed and Cassie nodded in agreement.

“Batman is Bruce Wayne? Did you know about this?” Jaime asked Bart.

“Duh, from the future remember. I know almost everyone’s ID,” Bart said.

A little ways away Captain America was making his way towards Sandman who was the only villain that decided to stick around. He was surrounded by little kids that were fascinated by his sand body. He had loosened his molecular structure a little so that they could build sandcastles out of him. For someone who was supposed to be the bad guy he was a complete softy when it came to kids.

“You did great work out there Marco,” the Captain said.

“Umm… Thanks,” Marco said reforming his upper body to talk, “It was no biggie really. Those owl creeps got the jump on all of us. Enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that,”

Steve nodded and watched the kids continue to make castles out of Marco, “You’d make a good hero. The kids love you… Want a job?”

Marco looked at him as if he had grown a second head, “You serious?”

“We could use someone like you as a reserve member,” Black Widow added as she walked up to the the two, “Think of it as a step towards redemption,”

Marco looked at them for a moment before smiling, “Alright, but I ain’t no B-Class baby. Sandman’s the real deal,”

The other side of the street Artemis was helping Wally sit down, “Easy Baywatch,”

“Thanks babe,” Wally winced as he moved his injured leg, “God, if this is what all of Dick’s family reunions are like I don’t want to be at his place during Christmas,”

“They seem to be doing fine right now,” the green archer pointed out.

They observed all the bats huddled around their eldest bird, just happy to be in each other’s presents. It was a rare moment where no one was fighting. Damian was curled up in Dick’s lap instead of trying to stab Tim, Jason wasn’t pulling a gun on Bruce or anyone else for that matter. They were at peace.

They watched as a small barn owl landed on Dick’s shoulder and started rubbing its head on him lovingly. Wally recognized it as the owl that Cobb had during their first encounter. It must recognize his scent or something. Dick began scratching it under the chin and it cooed happily. Bruce said that he wasn’t keeping the owl to which Dick replied that he had let Bruce keep Jason. The bat kids, all but Jason who was now scowling, laughed.

“Only thing missing is Alfred, the dog, and Catwoman,” Wally pointed out, “We’ll have to ask him about the yellow eyes thing. Cobb probably did something to him. Hope it’s not permanent,” the speedster added offhandedly.

“For all their bickering they really do love each other don’t they?”

“That or they just all love Dick. He’s kinda the glue that keeps them all together,”

They observed the bat family a little longer before Wally spoke again, “You know… I’ve been thinking… about extending the flash family just a little bit. Maybe add an archer into our mix,”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” Artemis asked.

“Depends. You saying yes?”

She just smiled and kissed him, “You know for the fastest man alive you take forever to do anything,”

Wally just chuckled and then Bart sped over to them, “Hey cuz! You okay?”

Wally and Artemis just pulled him into a hug smiling.

Peter stood next to Commander Fury, arms crossed as he observer everyone. All’s well that ends well. Another win for the good guys and another chapter closing. It felt so surreal. Two weeks ago it was just another average day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and now, after all of this, he would never be quite the same person ever again. His eyes had been opened to the evils the world can create and he had made it threw just a bit more mature. He’s also seen the miracles it made too. It felt like a right of passage, that he was one step closer to being the ultimate Spider-Man.

He still felt the dull buzz from the battle. His body was in a strange state of being numb and pent up full of energy all at the same time. He felt lighter on his feet yet strangely weighed down. The area around them reflected how he was feeling. They were surrounded by destruction, wounded, and the streets were covered in blood but everyone was at peace and happy. Everyone has come together. Heroes clinging to heroes with silly grins on their faces, loved ones hugging each other, civilians coming out to help dress the wounds of super humans they didn’t even know the names of. It was like one of those sence at the end of a Christmas movie where everyone is suddenly best friends with one another. All that was missing was the snow. Was this what it was like after winning a battle against all odds?

“It’s finally over,” Fury breathed.

“It’s so weird. Everything that happened tonight, it just doesn't feel real,” Peter said.

“You get used to it,”

Peter nodded and remained silent, just soaking in the calm feeling the victory brought on. The survived the Night of the Owls. They were alive. Underneath a sky that was darker than black, they were alive.
Dimension Crash Part 3: Darker Than Black
Well that was a rollarcoaster. Poor Dick, at least everything worked out in the end. What a fight though. Marvel and DC uniting forces against the Owls. Also Red Hood and Deadpool team up. You can not convince me those two wouldn't be buds. Damian's first outing as Robin (sort of) and a Bat Fam reunion that doesn't end with fighting.

A lot of Daddy Bats here. He may come off as ooc but remember he found Dick out cold on the ground covered in blood. He looked dead. If how Batman reacted when Lex "killed" him in Forever Evil is anything to go off of than I'm sure if they had had a bit more time and more privacy that the scene may have played out as something similar to this.

Also the Talon Serum was an idea I got from a conversation with someone else on this sight about what it would be like if Dick were a Talon. The Court is crafty and Cobb had wanted Dick to be a Talon since the moment he was born. The Court would have capitalized on this and may have started converting him into a Talon before they took him from the circus. With advances in technology and medicine they could have made a new serum that didn't require the host to be dead, thus Dick does not have pale skin or blue vanes. He's still alive, the serum's just dormant inside him until the Court could get their hands on him. To bad Bats got him first.

Also should he keep the owl? I think it'll be a cool idea for him to have his own super pet. It'll be like Ace the Bat Dog only Scappy the Night Owl.

The last bit comes next and is much smaller than this chapter. Things have cooled down and we see how everyone is moving forward.
Part 2: The Things That Divide Us

Ms. M dropped to her knees, tears pooling in her eyes. They were gone. The connection she had with them in her mind, the warmth and cheer from Nightwing, the buzzing energy and strength from Wally, it was gone. All that was left was cold emptiness. She heard their screams, those terrible, blood curdling screams. Oh God. They were gone. What was she going to tell the team? What was she going to tell their families? What was she going to tell Batman? His son has just been killed, and in an accident no less. Her heart was breaking for him. She could only tell because she could feel people’s emotions but whenever Nightwing was with Batman his aura was softer and calmer. Now she feared he will spiral into depression and insanity.

When he lost Jason it was bad, on all of them, but then Tim came along and took up the mantle of Roblin and everything was so much better. Dick was smiling again and Batman had calmed down and stopped being angry (urr… angrier) all the time. But this was different. This was Dick. This was his eldest son, his greatest success as a mentor, the only person on Earth that he trusted the cape and cowl and the responsibilities that it held with it when he was away on long missions. There was even rumors around the Justice League and senior team members that the next Robin wasn’t going to be the bat’s partner but Nightwing’s. Tim’s even been hinting at leaving the post as Robin to take on a new identity so as to make room for the youngest of the bat brothers. Now with Dick gone… It was Jason all over again only much, much worse.

She barely registered Superboy rushing into the room and asking her what happened and what that screaming was. She barely felt him sit down next to her and hold her while she cried uncontrollably. She barely heard herself utter their two friends names as she buried her face into his chest. She didn’t feel Nightwing’s bravery in the back of her mind. She didn’t feel Wally’s heart buzz in her brain.

Batman didn’t get any sleep that night. He had received a distress signal from The Cave. There had been an energy surge in the zeta-tubes when they were halfway through transporting. The numbers that were lost in transport were Dick and Wally. Alfred stood by him, worry and concern clear on his face, but said nothing. Tim was having trouble holding back tears. He blamed himself. He had to hang back at the manor after getting sick earlier in the week and felt that if he was there he could have stopped this somehow. Barbara was no better. She had left before him to meet up with her dad for dinner. She was a mess. And Damian… he was reacting the only way he knew how. Anger. Pure, unbridled rage. So far Dick was the only person outside of himself that Damian even considered as family. Bruce refused to believe Dick was dead though. They were heroes and one rule of heroes stood to make him think Dick and Wally were still out there. No body, no death. They were still out there and he was going to find them. He had to find them. He wasn’t losing another son. The next day he scanned the tubes for any unusual energy signatures and he found something he wasn’t expecting.

“Dimensional travel?” Barry asked, “So they're still out there, just on some other Earth?”

“Seems like it,” Batman said, “I think I can isolate the dimension with the same energy pattern as the energy in the zeta-tube. It’ll take some time but I think I can create a gateway between our Earth and the one they’re now on,”

“Oh thank the stars,” Megan let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“Is there anything we can do?” Kaldur asked.

“Stay out of my way,” Batman said as he marched off, presumably to the Batcave to formulate a plan and calculate cost of said plan, “That’s an order,”

The team watched as their director walked off as he took a call from Dr. Fate, probably about League business. How could he want them to stand by and do nothing? How was that fair?

“I’m not as fluent in Bat as Wing or Kid but I think what he’s trying to say is that he needs his space. Zero distraction until he has a plan,” Barry said, “I know it’s not fair to you guys but it’s how he works. He just lost his son. We’ll get them back, I promise. In the meantime Captain Atom will be in charge of mission assignments and Kaldur will have total control of the team,”

“You expect us to continue missions without them?” Superboy asked annoyed and angered at the idea.

“We’re heroes. We lose our own. We continue on, in their name. You think Hal is the first Green Lantern? Me the first Flash? Hell, you guys work with Robin 3 and Blue Beetle 2. One day we won’t be here and you’ll all have to carry on in our place. One day you will be Superman, Kaldur Aquaman, Artemis Green Arrow because we all know Roy sure as hell won’t,” Barry said, “Just try to keep your head up. We’ll figure this whole thing out and I highly doubt Nightwing would be thrilled to hear you guys had been slacking while he was gone. And look after Robin and Batgirl when they get here. They are… not taking this well and Bart’s binge eating… I think, it’s hard to tell. Just please,”

“Alright,” Kaldur finally said.

They aren't dead. They’ll come back. They’re alive. They can do this. They had to.


“So you are part of a covert ops team that pretty much saves the world every weekend?” Nova asked their new guests, “Unbelievable. You’re like, what, sixteen? That’s like, Avengers level work,”

Spider-Man had returned to the helicarrier with Nightwing and Flash and were now awaiting Commander Fury in the briefing room so they could sort this whole mess out. His team, namely Nova, was now practically interrogating them.

“I’m nineteen,” Nightwing glared, “And i’ve been in the hero business for ten years now. In terms of experience I out rank all of you Buckethead, maybe even a few of your big name heroes. And what does age matter? Aren't you all sixteen?”

“Yeash. Someone forgot to take their true blood today,” Spider-Man said nervously but nevertheless light heartedly under the harsh gaze of the trademarked Bat-Glare.

Nightwing raised an eyebrow, “I’m not a vampire,”

“You aren’t?” Spider-Man seemed genuinely surprised, “We kinda just figured with the whole darkness, the vanishing, the night theme… So, what? Super strength? Teleportation?”

“Nope,” Nightwing said popping the ‘p’.

“Can you fly?” Nova asked, “I mean wing is in your name,”

“In a plane,” the newcomer stated.

“Maybe something cool like umbrakinesis or a healing factor,” Nova continued.

“Unfortunately no, but that healing factor thing would be nice. With how many times I run into Deathstroke the Terminator, God knows I could use it,”

“Hold on. Don’t tell me you’re just some guy in a mask,” Nova said.

Nightwing smirked. Spidey and the team were taken aback by this. Just a normal guy. Fighting crime. Since he was nine. What the fuck? What the actual fuck? How is that possible? Was he insane? A normal person would be killed easily killed facing off against super villains. How has he lasted so long?

“What, daddy never hugged you so now you run around in a mask saving the local drug store from the town drunk?” Nova asked.

Then came the Bat-Glare again in full force and everyone that wasn’t a bat or a speedster shuttered, “My dad encouraged me to become Nightwing to protect our city. To prove I could make it as a hero on my own. I’m a master martial arts, detective, faced off against the worst villains the deepest pits of hell has to offer, and lead a team of young heroes. The only reason I’m not a high ranking member of the Justice League by now is because I keep declining the invitation,”

“Wing’s a creepy ninja,” Wally said trying to lighten the mood a little with a cheerful smile, “He keeps just up and vanishing when you’re talking to him and you’re not watching him closely and his pranks are killer. One time in high school he put a confetti bomb in our archer’s locker. Scared the living hell out of her. She had no clue how he knew which locker was her’s. It was priceless. And when she found out your secret ID, haha, I thought she was going to murder you,”

“She couldn’t even if she tried,” Nightwing smiled.

“Wait you guys didn’t all go to the same school? You didn’t share your secret IDs?” Peter asked confused.

If they were a team they should live in relatively close distance to one another and should know eachother’s faces, right? It only made sense. To have a team you need trust and how can you have trust if you don’t know each other’s faces?

“Don’t live in the same states,” Nightwing simply stated, “I live in New Jersey, KF lives in Missouri with his still not fiancee, Superboy and Miss Martian live in our base at a top secret location, and Aqualad and Lagoon Boy live in Atlantis with their King. We’re all over the place. We use zeta-beam transporters to teleport between locations. As for IDs. Yes we share our faces for the most part but me and my little brother don’t. As far as the team is concerned we are Nightwing and Robin full time. As heroes with no powers whatsoever we need to go the extra mile to protect our privacy, not to mention we are the direct link to Batman. If our identities our compromised, his is too,”

There was no point in telling them what cities they all lived in. None of them existed in this dimension. Nightwing already checked. There was no Gotham, no Bruce Wayne, no Wayne Tech, or Wayne Industries, no Queen Industries, no S.T.A.R Labs. He didn’t dare look up Haley’s Circus or The Flying Graysons. He’s gotten over that part of his life and has moved on, he didn’t want it shoved back in his face. He was Nightwing, son of Batman, brother of Robin, leader of Young Justice. He wasn’t the kid that grew up in under the big top anymore. That kid died a long time ago.

“Eww. New Jersey,” Peter said jokingly.

Nightwing just smirked again and held up one of his web shooters, “I take it this is responsible for your web slinging abilities. A lot like the setup Black Spider has back on our Earth. I take it there’s a triggering mechanism in your glove, cartridges of pressurized fluid inside that release a web when activated,”

“Wait, when did you?” Peter looked down at his wrists and sure enough one of his web shooters were missing.

Peter shot a string of web at the web shooter in Nightwing’s hand and yanked it back to him, “You will not be doing that again,” he warned.

“Unless I want to,” Nightwing smirked.

When was this guy not smirking? He’s such a troll!

Wally just laughed. Dick really knew how to get under people’s skin and he was doing a good job of making these kids look foolish. He had to admit these kids didn’t look that well put together as a team but Wally would save judgment on them until he saw them in action. Just then a tall black man with an eyepatch walked into the room.

“Commander Fury, sir. I brought the two vigilantes. Night-” Spider-Man started to say but was cut off by Fury.

“Nightwing and Flash. I know,” he said surprising everyone, “I just got off the phone with Dr. Strange. He said an astral neighbor of his knows them. Some guy called Nabu,”

“Dr. Fate!” Wally cheered, “I never thought I’d be so happy to hear that old helmet head’s name. Is he getting us back home?”

“Not yet. He said something along the lines of ‘fate is testing you and that you’re here for a reason’. He did say that Nabu will be informing a so called Batman of your whereabouts,” Fury explained.

“That son of a- He would say that! That gold plated, bucket wareing- I’m gonna rip that helmet off his head and pound it into a plater!” Wally hissed.

“But he will be getting us back, right?” Nightwing asked calmly.

“In time, yes,” Fury said.

“Alright, fair enough. So long as he’s told the B-Man I’m alright. Guy worries too much, don’t want him stressing wondering where his second in command went. Should also keep Little D from going on a murderous rampage,” Everyone gave Nightwing a strange look, “Kid was raised by assassins. We’re still trying to get him over wanting to kill Robin in his sleep,”

“We can discuss living arrangements for you two in the meantime, find out what Nabu was talking about,” Fury said dropping the subject of murderous children completely. Somethings he just really didn’t want to know.

Both the speedster and the bat nodded and followed him out of the room leaving the team of teen heroes wondering what the hell was going on. Well they knew one thing, things just got a lot more interesting around here.


School the next day was torture. He couldn’t get last night out of his head. Especially that Nightwing guy. He was just so… annoying. He didn’t like him one bit. He couldn’t pinpoint why, maybe it was the smug look on his face and the sideways smirks, maybe it was that his costume was so much cooler and more put together than his own (Peter knew a Kevlar mix when he saw one. The suit alone must have cost a really pretty penny and here Spidey was in a homemade spandex cosplayer’s dream). Maybe it was because he swiped one of his web shooters without his knowledge. Maybe it was the fact that he was a leader, a real leader, that could lead. Maybe it was because he had no powers and made hero-ing look easy, that he had been invited into his world’s Avengers, that he had declined their apparent multiple offers. Guy probably thought he was too good for them. He just knew he didn’t like him. At all.

Ava had told him that he and Wally, apparently that was the Flash’s name, were staying on the helicarrier. That meant he’d probably see them when he arrived for the day’s training. Great. Danny said that he had talked to Nightwing that morning and that he was a pretty chill guy that liked to joke. Sam didn’t like him, then again Sam didn’t like anyone that got in the way of him being leader one day. He probably felt that Nightwing being a more experienced hero was threatening that somehow. He claimed that he was ‘a smartass that didn’t understand the basic rules of the English language,’ whatever that meant. At least they were on the same page for once. Luke didn’t really have an opinion on him but he thought Wally was just a bit too energetic and ate way too much.

When he got to the helicarrier for training he saw Nightwing again, or at least he thought it was Nightwing. A guy with black hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin was duking it out with Steve Rogers. They were both dressed in standard S.H.I.E.L.D workout gear, a white tank top and navy sweatpants. Sweat was coming off them in buckets but neither seemed tired. In fact Nightwing looked like he was having a blast. His team, Fury, Tony Stark, Agent Coulson, and some red head (Flash?) were watching from the observation deck overlooking the training room. Peter joined them. Not because he secretly wanted to see Nightwing get his butt handed to him, he just wanted to see the outcome. The fight kept going, never slowing down. They would get small hits in here and there but both were dodging most expertly.

“That’s Bird Boy’s style,” Wally said, “‘Move more, get hit less’. He’s going to win though, you’ll see,”

“I don’t know kid. Haven’t met a man the Captain couldn’t beat in a fist fight, myself included,” Tony said.

“You haven’t met a bat,” the speedster pointed out.

“He’s fighting style seems to focus on Aikido with elements of judo, ninjitsu, and various other martial arts styles. He also showcases extreme flexibility, agility, stamina, and endurance. He’ll be a hard opponent to defeat even for Captain America. Where did he learn his technique?” Danny asked the redhead.

“In a cave. Batman taught him everything he knows. He told me he spent six months down in that cave when he was eight training until he couldn’t move or collapsed from exhaustion. Than on graduation day he had to evade Batman’s detection for a whole night with no outside help. He kept at that kind of training growing up, up until his final days as the Bat’s student. He still trains with B-Man from time to time, just not as often now. He enjoys it, says it helps him clear his head and keeps him sharp,” Wally said.

“Eight years old? I was playing video games and watching Saturday morning cartoons at that age. Why would he subject himself to that kind of… cruelty at that age?” Peter asked.

Cruelty was the only thing he could think of it as. Surely no kid would in their right mind undergo such intense training and physical punishment? What kind of kid would want that?

“Sometime’s the tortures of the mind outweigh the tortures of the body,” Danny said in true Iron Fist fashion.

“You and Aqualad would get along,” Wally smiled, “That sounds like something he’d say,”

Back down in the training room Dick and Steve continued to spar. Steve kept throwing punch after punch but none of them were landing, not hard anyway. The kid was good, his style let him dodge and flip around like no tomorrow. Kid was flexible too, pulling and contorting his body in ways Steve never thought possible. It was like he was trying to fight a spider monkey. A very fast spider monkey. Nightwing managed to get a kick to land hard on his chest causing him to stagger back a bit giving the kid an opening. He made a few jabs at Steve’s shoulder and elbow and the vet instantly knew what he was trying to do. Disable him by hitting his pressure points, smart kid but he wasn’t going to let that happen. Grabbing one of the boy’s arms he yanked Nightwing towards him and punched him hard in the gut causing him to ghasp and double over before twisting the arm around his back and slamming the kid into the wall effectively pinning him.

“You’re good kid but not that good,” Steve smirked.

“Oh, I still got a few tricks up my sleeve,” Nightwing said out of breath.

Nightwing then brought his legs up and pushed off the wall and flipped over Steve’s shoulders catching the super soldier off guard. With no time wasted Nightwing spun around and kicked Steven in the ear throwing off his equilibrium and making him stagger even more. Nightwing then pushed himself into the air off Steve’s shoulders and turned mid leap, wrapping his legs around the souldier and bringing him down to the ground. Hard.

“I win,” Nightwing declared standing over the fallen captain.

“You win,” Steve admitted defeat.

Nightwing held out his hand to help the captain up who graciously accepted, “Yeash kid. Haven’t had a fight like that since the war. I can see why your Justice League keeps wanting you to join. I’d hate to be the bad guy facing off against you,”

“I’m nothing compared to Batman. Ten years of sparring against him and I’ve never come close to beating him,” Nightwing rubbed the back of his head, “I gotta admit though for a second there I thought we were going to end deadlocked. Bats would have my head for letting that happen,”

“Sounds like a strict teacher,”

“Yeah but he means well. Training me to be the best is one of the ways he shows that he cares. He’s always said I was born for this, destined for greatness, that I was made to take center stage,”

Up on the observation deck Peter and the team looked on in shock. No one’s ever beaten Capitan America. No one. Flash cheered for his friend saying that, that was how bats got it done. Peter still didn’t understand that. The guy’s name was Nightwing and he had a bird on his chest. Sure this ‘Batman’ guy was his teacher but that doesn't inherently make him a bat right? Commander Fury was his mentor but he’s not Commander Fury Jr. or anything. Far from it in fact. So why would Nightwing hold the title of Bat if he based his hero identity off of a bird? It made no sense to him.

“That guy’s good,” Power Man thought out loud.

“Looks like all that time training in a cave payed off. Hay web head maybe you could learn a thing or two from him,” White Tiger said.

“Can we just get on with training,” Peter failed to hide the annoyance and hint of jealousy in his voice.


It’s been a week since Wally and Nightwing popped into Peter’s life and so far it has been horrible. Nightwing, though fine with showing his face, refused to give out his real name. ‘Bat paranoia’ Wally called it. Apparently it was a rule that no one in the ‘Bat Family’ is allowed to reveal their secret ID unless Batman allows it. Apparently Batgirl was the only one to get the a-okay from the big man. Peter didn’t really see a point to it. He wasn’t in his dimension any more so why should it matter if people knew his name. From the look of it he didn’t exist here so it wouldn’t cause any trouble. At this point it just seemed like he didn’t trust any of them.

His team, and the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D for that matter, seemed to have taken a liking to the two visitors. Fury would trade stories about saving the planet with them and they’d tell him all about their covert ops missions and their battles against an evil organization called The Light and the Reach invasion. Nightwing was teaching Ava and Danny some new moves and could often be seen sparring with them. Wally could be seen having a the time of his life in the labs and Nightwing had shown Agent Coulson all the flaws in the helicarriers security and proved it by sneaking into the flying fortress while it was under lockdown without tripping any of the security measures. Everyone seemed to like them more than him, especially Nightwing.

Now it was saturday, there was no training, he had the whole day to himself. Or at least that was the plan.

“What are you doing out?” Peter asked the bird themed hero, “Not that you’re not allowed to but you haven’t left the helicarrier since you got here,”

He had run into Nightwing at a cafe he and his friends usually hung out at. He was dressed in a gray shirt with a bat symbol on it, dark jeans, and had a black leather jacket slung over the chair he was sitting in as he sipped his coffee. Peter didn’t really enjoy having the guy invading his hero life, now he had to deal with him in his personal life too. Just great.

“Call it cabin fever. I feel like a caged bird up there. Pun somewhat intended,” the older teen said, “Figured I’d get to know your city a bit more. Whenever I come to New York it’s either for a mission or for one of those stuffy black tie events. I never get to enjoy myself here. Plus I figured I’d come bother you since you’ve been avoiding me,”

“Stalker,” Peter grumbled.

Nightwing just smirked, “Just following a pattern of obsessive behaviors instilled in me at an early age. So mind telling me why you hate me so much or do I have to tell you why you hate me and piss you off even more for being able to read you so well?”

Peter just glared at him for a moment before sighing. Nightwing was right. He was being unfair and had no good reason to hate him. He was letting pathetic jealousy guide him, blind him to what the older hero had to offer. He should be treating him with respect like he does with Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers. He’s been living this life for ten years, longer than half of the Avengers roster. Logically he should listen to him. So with great effort he swallowed his jealousy and sat down with him and they began to talk. Eventually they found themselves in central park, wandering aimlessly down a path lined with trees, just talking about hero stuff. Peter never realized how much he never really talked about the hardships of the mask before, not even with his team. It felt nice to be able to talk so openly with someone about it and not feel so… weak because of it. He couldn’t talk with the Avengers about it, they were THE heroes. They deal with more than juggling homework, a social life, and hero stuff. They were never teenage heroes. He couldn’t talk to Fury because… well, he’s Fury, and his team was in the same position he was in yet still had all their lives put together. Nightwing was a third party that got it. He wasn’t just a teen hero, he had been a child hero. He grew up in the delicate balance of constantly lying about where you were and how you got that scar and ‘did I remember to do my homework before going out on patrol?’. He understood.

“It wasn’t easy early on. The stress can get to you but you can’t let it bring you down. It won’t get easier, lying to you about that would just be cruel, but you learn to live with it, learn to enjoy it. At the end of the day you’re still alive and that’s all that counts. You should tell your aunt though. If she starts worrying just tell her you have Fury and your team to keep you safe. I know Al and Babs worried all the time for my safety, part of the reason Barbara got into the hero business and became Batgirl was to keep an eye on me. You should always have a team or even just a partner. The lone ranger act can get you killed. You need a support system,” Nightwing said as they walked.

“Did your folks know about you being Nightwing?”

“My father… My father is Batman. He taught me how to fight crime, how to be a detective, how to be Robin. That was my name back then, Robin the Boy Wonder. We were the Dynamic Duo, the best crime fighting team, still are. Got the perfect alibi too. The Prince of Gotham and the man that owned half the city. Why would they be superheroes? They're too busy being at the top of society to save the lives of the peasants that worked under them. In all the years of us being Batman and Robin only twice did someone think to look at us for the cape and cowl of the bat. Barbara, who really kinda already knew and the new Robin who is now my adopted little brother,”

“So why did you start fighting crime? I mean it’s like you said, you’re the richest kid in town and you have no super powers. You don’t wear a suit of armor like Iron Man, you’re not a super soldier like Captain America so why?”

“Heroes are born in fire. How much that fire burns determines what kind of hero we become. I looked into the abyss, and the abyss looked into me. It changed me. Gotham changed me. It made me Robin. It made me Nightwing. The city is cruel and unforgiving. It’ll take everything from you, drives you insane,” Nightwing said with a far off look in his eye, “You’re right. I have no armor, no super soldier serum, and I can’t fly like the bird I’m named after. I don’t need to. I fall with style and I always have someone there to catch me. Bruce, Al, Wally, Tim, Babs, and in time Damian. One day he’ll be Robin, when Tim is ready to take the next step. Timmy’s a natural. He’s learning the tricks of the trade faster than I ever did. He’ll be a great team leader one day,”

Peter listened carefully to what he had to say. For so many differences in their lives they were just the same. One rich with everything he could dream of, one poor and just trying to hold on, both with a fire lit under them that burned their world down. Peter felt sorry for him though. Gotham sounded like the worst place on Earth to grow up in he thought as Nightwing talked about his family. He spoke of them with a fondness and pride that was rare in siblings. Peter didn’t know what Tragedy caused the older teen to dawn a mask, or what he saw in the abyss but at least he had a support system, a family to fight alongside.

“Enough feeling sorry for ourselves. There is a reason I wanted to talk to you,” Nightwing smiled, “How about I patrol with you tonight? Wally’s kinda taking this as a sort of vacation now that we know Fate’s just being an asshole and not letting us go back home yet and is off seeing the sights. He’s over at Stark Tower having a science nerd’s wet dream. I’d like to see what this city has to offer too, only my version involves beating up the bad guys. So what do you say, want to see how we do things in Gotham?”

“You have something planed?” Nightwing looked like the kind of guy that always had a plan.

“I’ve seen your work. Read your files. Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re a rookie, green and in over your head. That’s why Fury took you in for training and that’s why I want to teach you. I’ve seen how you operate, you go after the scum that stick their heads out of the sand. The small fry common crook and the villains that smash up the street. What about the one’s still buried with large underground operations? Trust me they are out there, plotting, waiting. You want to get to them before they pull the trigger, build the bomb, kidnap the CEO. New York has enough firefighters. It doesn't need a clean up crew. What this city needs is a hunter,”

“I do have a few rules though,” Nightwing continued, “No killing is obvious, don’t do anything stupid that could endanger lives, stick to the plan, do everything I tell you, and… try not to die,”

“Die? What kind of baddies are running around your city?” Peter was a bit taken aback by the fact that one of Nightwing’s rules was to specifically to not die.

“Let’s just say we keep most of them in an asylum and leave it at that,”

They dropped the conversation at that. Peter thought about what Nightwing had said, about New York needing a hunter. Could he really stop crimes before they happen? It’ll get him some respect in the hero community, maybe even a little recognition from Jamison. Looking back on all his fights Nightwing was right. He went after the crooks after they robbed the store, fought the villain after they’ve torn up half of Time Square. Maybe he should take him up on his offer.

That night Spider-Man stood atop an old warehouse overlooking the the docks, a Kevlar clad Nightwing beside him. Nightwing didn’t say much on the way here, just that they needed to get to the docks and get there fast.

“So we’re patrolling the docks?” Spider-Man asked, “I’m pretty sure harbor patrol’s got that covered,”

“Not patrolling, staking out,” Nightwing clarified.

“Stake out? We’re on a stake out? For what?”

“Weapon shipments. I’ve been monitoring the movement of arms smugglers for days now and cross referenced it with security footage for the last month because yes, I do have that kind of free time. Every saturday and wednesday between patrols a small boat delivers a crate labeled as imported probuse,” Nightwing said, “The only cucumbers in those crates are .50 cal.,”

“So wait for the boat and stop the weapon shipment. Easy peasy,”

“Don’t be too sure. We’re after the brains of the operation. If you want to kill a snake, chop off its head. We take these guys down, stop the shipment, tag them, and follow them back to their hideout,” Nightwing said, “Keep to the shadows and don’t let yourself be seen. Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. You need to appear out of nowhere and disappear from sight when the job’s done. That’s how a bat operates. Back home they fear us. We’re demons, monsters, and ghosts to them. Always there, always watching. Unkillable,”

“Fear me? I don’t want people to fear me,” Spidey was starting to have second thoughts about this.

“It’s better that way. It’s not like people won’t look up or admire you. I had a lot of fans as Robin and have acquired a good number as Nightwing too and everyone loves Batman. He’s a founding member of the Justice League, leader of it actually. But criminals have to fear us. They have to be constantly looking over their shoulder, watching their backs, having nightmares of the what might happen if they meet us,”

“So… How scary is Batman?”

“Think of the scariest, most heartless being in the universe. Now imagine the thing that that thing would have nightmares of. That is Batman. That is the Dark Knight,”

“You’re not scary,” Spider-Man pointed out.

“You’re not a criminal,” Nightwing said, “You’ve seen my face, you know how I’m just another guy. Criminals don’t. They see a mask, they see a phantom, a bat, and that’s all they’ll ever see. Now look sharp. Our guys are here,” he spotted a speed boat in the distance coming towards the docks, “And our shipment. Stay hidden and wait for the signal,”

“What’s the signal?”

“You’ll know it when you see it. I’m an entertainer by nature. I like to make a show of it,”

With that Nightwing was gone, vanished into the shadows like he was trained to do. Peter was quickly finding out that the darkness was his home. Peter followed his lead as best he could. He leaped down from atop the warehouse and hid himself on some cargo containers near the sight they were unloading the weapons from. He could hear the men talking in some foreign language, Russian maybe? as the boat approached he tenced. Any second now Nightwing will do… whatever it was he was going to do and they were going to kick some bad guy butt. The boat was there, it was being unloaded. Any second now… Where was Nightwing?

Something flew over his head. Then another something. And then a swarm of somethings. Bats. Lots and lots of very angry bats. All flying down upon the gun smugglers like hell spawns. They scratched and bit at the men, some ducking as swatting at the flying rodents, some screaming their heads off. The bats then swarmed around a cargo container and from the mass appeared a figure. The bats then dispersed and revealed Nightwing with a wicked smirk on his face. He had his escrima sticks in hand ready for a fight. Peter had to admit Wingnut was intimidating like hell right now and he’d probably be peeing his pants if he didn’t know the guy was on his side.

“That crate looks heavy. Mind if I lend a hand,” Nightwing smirked, his voice a somewhat lower pitch than before but had a playful air to it.

Nightwing leaped down and began the assault. Show time. The fight began and ended in a flash. Before Peter knew it all but one of the men, who ran off with his tail tucked between his legs as soon as men started hitting the ground from being hit with Nightwing’s electrified sticks and Spidey’s webbing, were on the ground unconscious. The boat was now useless thanks to some explosive boomerang thing Nightwing tossed at it and the shipping was lying on the ground.

Nightwing’s fighting style was brutal when he was going all out. It was nothing like when he was sparring with Steve or Danny or Ava, he was aiming to hurt not just disable. Thanks to his super spidey hearing he had heard their bones break, their shoulders getting dislocated, and a few of them definitely had some internal bleeding. Apparently to him ‘no killing’ ment get as close as you want as long as they are still breathing. Peter was not okay with this and he was about to tell the older teen off when one of the guys started to come to. Nightwing grabbed the guy by the back of the collar and slammed him against a cargo container.

“Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty. Now I know you boys have a weapons cache nearby to store your toys before you distribute them. I’m a friendly guy so if you tell me where it is I’ll leave the copers a note saying you helped a little birdie out. What do ya say?” Nightwing said in an eerily playful tone.

“Я никогда не скажу вам , и даже если бы я сделал , вы не можете понять слово, я говорю. (I'll never tell you, and even if I did you can't understand a word I'm saying.),” the man said.

“Да, я могу ... и да, вы будете. (Yes I can… and yes you will),” Nightwing said menacingly.

More words were exchanged between the two and a few broken fingers later Nightwing hit him upside the head with one of his escrima sticks and the man was unconscious once more. Okay this guy was a lot darker than his playful attitude would lead you to believe. I mean he liked to talk and he wasn’t all stoic and broody like some of the more experienced heroes Peter had met were but man was he brutal. The older teen told him to web the smugglers up wail he called the cops and Peter did so silently. He listened as Nightwing pulled off a perfect New York accent and pretended to be a distressed worker who saw a few guys with guns near their location before hanging up on the operator.

“Alright ETA for NYPD at this hour is five minutes. Let's skedaddle before they get here and make us clean up this mess,” Nightwing said smiling, “I got a lead on where the cache is and who’s running this operation,”

“That was brutal Wing. I don’t know how you do it in Gotham but here we don’t torture our criminals,” Peter said sternly.

“That wasn’t torture, that was interogation. Gathering intel,” Nightwing told him, “If you want to see torture you should go on patrol with Batman,”

“Interrogations don’t leave people with broken bones. Fighting crime doesn’t leave crooks with cracked ribs and internal bleeding,” Peter snapped, “What the hell dude? I thought you were cool,”

“Pentru dragostea de… Look Weds I respect that you don’t like the way I do thing. Our moral codes are a bit different and you have a little angle on your shoulder. That’s all well and good, glad you’re the righteous hero but sometimes you have to brake a few eggs to make an omelet. I do things my way, you do things yours, but my way got us a lead on where the cache is and who their boss is,” Nightwing said as he started to look at a holo computer that was imitated from his glove, “I’ll cut back on my ‘brutality’ if it helps you sleep at night. Now let’s get out of here. I put a tracer on the punk I let get away and it looks like he’s heading for the old warehouse district. Try to stay traught,”

Peter didn’t want to leave. He wanted to fight him on this. This wasn’t how Peter fought crime. You don’t go all out on normal people, you save that for the super humans, people that can take the punishment. But something in the back of Peter’s head said that Nightwing was holding back, that he could do more, a lot more, and it scared him. Nightwing scared him. At that moment Peter saw what the criminals of Gotham saw. Not a human, not a normal guy in a mask, but an unkillable demon. He saw the bat.
Dimension Crash Part 2: Things That Divide Us
Peter is a green eyed monster and Dick proves you don't need powers to be a badass. You just need to live in Gotham. Part 3 is next and thing go from good to bad to worse. The main bad guy appears and it's a fight to the death and everyone gets involved. If you want drama and feels as well as action and bonding than thats the one for you because Spidey's about to meet his first Gotham Rouge and he doesn't joke around and Nightwing faces the demons that haunt his family. Soon things will be darker than black.
Well, here we are. Another year, another summer. I haven't actualy writen a journal in a while so I'm not sure how to go about doing this (and honestly, does anyone really read these?). A quick update on life?

I have a job now that consumes much of my time, Batman and comic books in general have consumed my life. I'm team Rowlet, I was also team Cap, I did not bother seeing Batman v Superman but Civil War was amazing, and I am writing too many stories at once.

I have a few new fics in the works right now. The first is Heroes War which is a follow up to Dimentions Crash and takes place a few years after those events. This time it's on Earth-16 and the plot revolves around Cadmus and General Eiling trying to create super solders that could combat the Justice League and the kidnaping of a known talon sets off a war that will leave you wondering which side is right, a government that wants to protect its people from an unchecked threat or the Justice League who wants to protect their own. People on both sides question their objectives and what it really means to be only human.

The next is Young Titans that could just end up replacing Heroes War as the next instalment of those adventures and takes place in the Teen Titans univerce and deals with Flash (Wally West), Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin (Damian Wayne) tracking down Warp after he stole a quantum generator. The story delves into the years after the events of Dimentions Crash and Dick's darker side that was brought out by the talons and the Court. It's flashback heavy and esentualy has two plot lines (one in the past that is mostly fractured and leaves you implying most of it and one in the presest that is much easier to keep track of) both deal with a lot of emotions. New enemies from all over the multiverce crop up and an evil double works with Slade to take down the Titans and take control of the multiverce. Which lines are Dick willing to cross to save a world that's not his own and how far is he willing to go to keep the talon serum out of the wrong hands?

Next is Wrath of Scorn and is its own stand alone fic. It deals with Andy Mallory (Scorn) vowing revange on Robin, now Nightwing, after his brother Will (Wrath) dies from joker venom when Batman and Robin failed to save him after the two villians descovered the Dynamic Duo's secret identites and thretened to tell all of Arkham after a failed assault on the Batcave. Wanting to distroy Grayson before finally finishing him it's now a fight against an evil counterpart and childhood friend to not only protect his family that Scorn wishes to distroy but also keep Gotham from tearing itself apart. Enemies become allies and allies become questionable in the battle of the two ex-sidekicks. 

Last one is a 1920's AU that I've been toying with called The Stars Across. Dick Grayson is former circus acrobat trying to win the heart of socalite Barbara Gordon. There's just one problum. She's rich. He's poor. He does have a few things going for him though, she thinks he's cute and he was the ward of Bruce Wayne and thus, techinicly, the hare to the Wayne fortune but with far richer and far more good looking men after her Dick has his work cut out for him if he's going to even get the time of day from the commisioner's daughter. Luckally, or unluckally, he has Wally, Donna, Jason, and Tim to help him out.

I'm not sure which of those I want to finish first and each are long, multi chapter adventures (though I do have some oneshots in the works as well). Some are further along than others and just need to be edited and reread to get all the bugs out of it and others are still just in first draft. Which do you want to see first? Do you have any requests?


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